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A selection of the following public talks have been filmed and are available online for on demand viewing after the presentation.

Hafnium-isotopes: a new tool for Geoscience Australia

30 November 2016

Lutetium-Hafnium and Oxygen-isotope analyses on zircons are techniques that Geoscience Australia has recently started using to trace the source of rocks back through time. This talk will outline the basics of these tools, demonstrate an application in the southern Thomson Orogen in New South Wales and outline plans for upcoming work programs including the Exploring for the Future initiative.

National water infrastructure development and water resources

23 November 2016

The Australian Government is currently implementing a level of investment in water resources development and management that is almost unprecedented in Australian history.  The importance of underpinning this investment with good science and technical (including economic) analysis will be discussed.

Geoscience Australia's Hidden Gem: The National Mineral and Fossil Collection

16 November 2016

The National Mineral and Fossil Collection contains an impressive selection of around 50 000 specimens, with approximately 800 on permanent display in Geoscience Australia's foyer in Canberra. This talk will give an overview of this amazing collection, its history and its future.

Initial results from 2D seismic survey in the frontier northern Houtman Sub-basin

09 November 2016

New 2D seismic data, acquired by Geoscience Australia in the northern part of the offshore Perth Basin show the presence of a large depocentre, which potentially contain multiple source rock intervals, reservoirs and seals. Geoscience Australia is undertaking a study to assess prospectivity of this depocentre for oil and gas by integrating results from seismic mapping, geophysical modelling and petroleum systems analysis.

Geoscience Australia Laboratories: this is what quality looks like and why it is important

02 November 2016

Geoscience Australia laboratories consist of a range of Palaeontology, Sedimentology, Isotope, Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Geochronology facilities. This 30 minute presentation will be followed by a tour of the laboratories. Numbers are limited to 20, with bookings required for the tour. Read more to register.

CO2 storage assessment in the offshore Browse Basin: implications for petroleum prospectivity

26 October 2016

This talk will give an overview of the 4 year regional assessment of the carbon dioxide (CO2) storage potential of the Browse Basin in the context of existing hydrocarbon prospectivity of the basin.

UNCOVERing the potential of the Stavely region, western Victoria

19 October 2016

A multi-disciplinary team from Geoscience Australia has been working with colleagues from the Geological Survey of Victoria, as part of the UNCOVER Initiative, to understand the depth and nature of this cover and the extent of highly-prospective basement rocks underneath.

Exploring for the Future

12 October 2016

The Australian Government announced the $100.5 million for the Exploring for the Future programme in the May 2016 budget to map minerals, energy and groundwater potential in northern Australia and South Australia.

The resistivity and permeability of fractured rocks

05 October 2016

The permeability, or the ability of rocks to allow fluid to pass through it, in the subsurface, is important in managing resources such as geothermal, oil and gas, and groundwater. However, permeability varies strongly from place to place, and cannot always be successfully mapped by standard industry tools such as seismic reflection.

3D model of the major crustal boundaries of Australia: implications for mineral system studies

28 September 2016

This talk will present the first continental-scale 3D model of the Major Crustal Boundaries of Australia. This model is constructed from the 2D linework in map view, with the third (depth) dimension constrained using the geometry of the boundaries interpreted in deep seismic reflection profiles, and then interpolated away from the profiles. 

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