Videos On Demand

Geoscience Australia regularly hosts a series of public talks for a range of technical and general audiences delivered by leaders in their respective fields, including the Geoscience Australia Wednesday Seminars and Distinguished Geoscience Australia Lecturer (DGAL) series. A selection of these talks are filmed and are available online for on demand viewing after the presentation.

Public Talks


Featuring: The Flying Hellfish Digital Journey


Featuring: Studying all things space at the International Space University, The Hydrogen Economy, Australian Geospatial Reference System, Groundwater Monitoring in California’s Central Valley using Satellite Remote Sensing


Featuring: Environmental Impacts of Marine Seismic Surveys, Geodata fusion for better characterising Australia's groundwater systems, Tsunamis in Australia: A nationally consistent view of the hazard from distant earthquakes, Sub-surface-fluids: an integrated approach for assessing natural resources, Themes in future Australian Geoscience


Featuring: International Collaboration in Support of Indonesian Earthquake Hazard, Airborne electromagnetics at an unprecedented scale, Leading the Geoscience Australia team in the search for MH370, A new National Seismic Hazard Assessment for Australia, Intro to Chaos Engineering


Featuring: Petermann Ranges earthquake, National Geophysical Collection, Bioregional Assessments and the Galilee Basin, Precise Positioning, Unconventional Petroleum Resource Assessments, Geospatial Data, Interdisciplinary Studies of Large Palaeotsunami, High Performance Computing


Featuring: Uncovering the potential of the Stavely region, Supporting disaster risk reduction, The Cooper Basin petroleum prospectivity, Great Artesian Basin, Geospatial Online and Digital Transformation, Airborne Gravity, Building the Digital Science Capability, The Digital Transformation Office, Machine Learning, Australia's Water Resources


Featuring: Surat Basin, Mineral Exploration, Translating Airborne Electromagnetic Data, Australian Geoscience Data Cube, Data visualisation, High Performance Computing, A History of Tsunami Warning Systems, New Approaches to Tsunami and Earthquake, Scientific Method in Software Engineering, Earthquakes and Tsunamis in Indonesia


Featuring: Dynamic Topography of the Australian Plate, Life in Icy Waters, Social Vulnerability and Resilience to Disasters, Potential Field Data, Open Day, AGDC SAMBUCA implementation, Water Observations from Space, MODIS processing pipeline, Data Delivery and Applications


Featuring: Geothermal Exploration in Australia, Tsunami Mitigation Activities, Mapping the Australian Continent from Space, The Earthquake Efficiency Dividend