Transcript - Snapshot - Australian continent uncovered by new 3D model

What is the work about?

We've used magnetic field data obtained from the Australia-wide Array of Geomagnetic Stations to develop a three dimensional representation of the electrical structure of the Australian continent.

Why is this work so exciting?

This model is the first fully seamless 3D representation of the electrical properties of Australia's geology.

It will help us to understand the continent's evolution, and we hope it will provide some tangible clues as to where we might find mineral and petroleum resources.

What are the potential benefits of this work for Australia?

This model will contribute to increasing industry's confidence in knowing where to invest in mineral and petroleum exploration in Australia.

What is Geoscience Australia's role in this work?

Geoscience Australia is responsible for developing the big picture understanding of Australia's geology.

We have worked with international collaborators to develop this world class continent scale model.

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