Become connected during Earth Science Week

18 September 2014

Earth Science Week 2014 logo

Earth Science Week 2014 logo

The count-down is on to Earth Science Week 2014, with annual celebrations due to kick-off in a few weeks.

Geoscience Australia will again be hosting Australia's Earth Science Week celebrations from 12-18 October 2014, aligning with the international Earth Science Week theme of 'Earth's connected systems'.

Geoscience Australia's Manager of Education Vicki Pow said the Earth Science Week aims to encourage everyone to explore the natural world around them.

"Earth Science Week provides a great opportunity to find out how geoscience helps us understand natural processes, and how it is being applied to help us manage some of our nation's greatest challenges," Ms Pow said.

"There is so much to learn about the Earth's many interconnected systems including the geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere," Ms Pow added.

Ms Pow also encourages schools, libraries and community organisations from across Australia to participate in the upcoming Earth Science Week celebrations by organising a local event or display.

Several public lectures will be held in the ACT during Earth Science Week including a journey through Geoscience Australia's image archives and Tsunami Warning Systems since 26 December 2004. Winners of the 2014 Top GeoShot photographic competition will also be announced at a special ceremony to be held at Geoscience Australia during Earth Science Week.

Further afield on Saturday 18 October, the 10th Anniversary of the Triassic Park will be held in Darley, Victoria and the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum will be hosting a Just Add Science festival in Bathurst.

To register an event or for more information please contact the Geoscience Australia Education Team on 02 6249 9673 or email