Celebrate Earth Science Week with our interactive quiz - and more!

12 October 2015

An Earth Science Week diorama with words indicating the three levels for an online quiz.

To celebrate Earth Science Week 2015, our geoscience experts have prepared a range of fun and challenging activities to highlight many aspects of how our planet works and put your geoscience knowledge to the test.

Test your knowledge with the Earth Science Quiz, which offers multiple choice questions in three categories:  Easy, aimed at primary school students; Medium, aimed at high school students; and Hard, aimed at adults. There are two sets of questions to try in each category - and a certificate on completion! Here's a taste of what's on offer.

A person who studies rocks is:

  • A rock-star
  • A geologist
  • A biologist

Obsidian is not just found in Minecraft, it is a real type of volcanic rock. What colour is most obsidian?

  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Purple

This fun online activity is just one of many ways you can take part in Australia's Earth Science Week celebrations, which take place nationwide from October 11-17.

Visit Geoscience Australia's Earth Science Week webpage to find out more.