Mathematics embraces the Planet in 2013


2013 Year of the Mathematics of
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As part of the United Nations recognition of activities which influence life on Earth, 2013 has been declared the year of the Mathematics of Planet Earth.

The year is aimed at developing a broader understanding of mathematics and statistics while encouraging discussion and more research on how the discipline can help to address global challenges.

Geoscience Australia is proud to support this project by promoting the essential role of mathematical sciences in society, and through the appointment of the Agency's Chief Scientist, Dr Clinton Foster, as an ambassador for the initiative.

"Maths underpins everything we do as a society and is a building block for the diverse range of geoscientific disciplines undertaken by Geoscience Australia", said Dr Foster.

"As an Agency, we handle vast amounts of data through the application of maths, and it's absolutely critical to areas of geophysical Earth analysis, environmental modelling and to better understand processes such as carbon capture and storage", he said.

Themes promoted throughout 2013 include a planet to discover, a planet supporting life, a planet organised by humans and a planet at risk.

More than 100 scientific societies, research institutes, universities and other organisations around the world are joining forces to encourage research into identifying and finding solutions for the fundamental social and environmental questions facing the planet.

Through the patronage of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) educators will be encouraged to promote these issues and inform the public about the essential role of mathematical sciences in facing the challenges to the planet. Young people interested in sustainability and global issues will be encouraged to consider mathematics as a career choice.

"Hopefully in this Mathematics of Planet Earth year people will be drawn towards a career path that involves maths, and people already using maths in their workplace will strive to discover new ways to apply the discipline", said Dr Foster.

Stories about the use of mathematics and statistics from students, researchers, professionals and others will be posted on the Mathematics Australia 'Blog' throughout the year for people to share their experiences and learn from others.

More information is available from Mathematics of Planet Earth.

Geoscience Australia - A Partner of Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013

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