'No earthquake in Charleville' confirms Geoscience Australia

12 September 2014

Geoscience Australia has determined a previously identified earthquake occurring near Charleville, Queensland last Friday, was a shock wave caused by a large truck explosion on the Mitchell Highway near Wyandra.

Initial reports of the location and time of the recorded signals indicated a naturally occurring seismic event some-time following the truck explosion. However, further analysis conducted by Geoscience Australia seismologists over the past week, have identified the truck explosion and suspected earthquake to be the same event.

"When we looked at the information available to us on the night, including estimated explosion time, location and seismic history of the area, we determined that the explosion and the earthquake were two separate events," said Dan Jaksa, Section Leader of the Earthquake Alert Centre at Geoscience Australia.

"We continued to investigate the suspected earthquake, employing highly sensitive instruments designed specifically for the detection of nuclear explosions as part of the Australian Government's nuclear monitoring program, to validate initial findings. The additional data, when combined with information from the Australian National Seismograph Network, revealed the explosion as the source," he said.

"In determining these small events, we rely upon information sometimes provided to us by those experiencing the effects firsthand; further strengthening our analysis of time, location and felt radius. The firsthand reports provided in this unusual event, combined with multiple data sources, assisted us in identifying the true source of this event," said Mr Jaksa.

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