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Australian continent uncovered by new 3D model

19 February 2015

Models derived from geophysical properties of rocks are an important source of information about the geological structure hidden below the Earth's surface. Australia is fortunate to be the sole occupant of a single continent and provides the perfect laboratory for continental-scale studies of these geophysical properties.

Latest editions of Magnetic Anomaly Grid and Radiometric Map released

17 February 2015

Australia will now be able to lay claim to the best geophysical data coverage of all the continents on Earth following the release of the sixth edition Total Magnetic Intensity (TMI) Anomaly Grid of Australia and the third edition Radiometric Map of Australia datasets.

Future scientists take on Australia's water security challenge

20 January 2015

Australia's top Year 12 science students are gathering in Canberra as part of the National Youth Science Forum to learn first-hand about a major challenge for Australia - how to find and secure future water resources for the nation.

Australia-China science exchange improves CO2 monitoring technique

08 January 2015

A recent science exchange hosted by the Chinese Geological Survey has given Australian and Chinese researchers a chance to share expertise in greenhouse gas monitoring technologies. 

Adelaide Hills fires image captured by Landsat 8 satellite

07 January 2015

Fires continue to burn across parts of South Australia as the heatwave emanating from central Australia raises temperatures in the region.

Geoscience Australia welcomes RV Investigator

12 December 2014

Australia's marine geoscience capability is today strengthened by the official commissioning of RV Investigator, the nation's newest scientific research vessel.

Howard Burton

Exploring the icy waters of Casey station

01 December 2014

This summer, a multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers are heading to Antarctica to uncover the secrets of the icy waters adjacent to Casey station.

New data builds understanding of Australia's precious soil resources

27 November 2014

Researchers from across Australia have joined together to develop a comprehensive set of digital maps of the country's soil and landscape attributes.

Uncovering the mineral systems potential of the Stavely Region, western Victoria

24 November 2014

A collaborative minerals project being undertaken in the Stavely region of western Victoria is helping to reduce exploration risk for explorers by improving understanding of the subsurface geology and its potential for mineral systems.

Water Observations from Space contribute to a greater understanding of flooding in Australia

21 November 2014

Geoscience Australia contributes to a greater understanding of natural hazard and disaster exposure through observations of water from space. 

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