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2014 Earthquakes - a quiet year for Australia

07 May 2015

2014 was a relatively quiet year for Australian earthquakes. Most earthquake events measured less than magnitude 4, which is considered small and unlikely to cause damage. 

United Nations resolution encourages sharing of geospatial data

20 April 2015

The United Nations General Assembly recently adopted its first ever resolution recognising the importance of a globally-coordinated approach to geodesy - the scientific discipline that measures changes in the size, shape and gravity field of our planet Earth.

Researchers defrost on return from Casey Station

13 April 2015

Geoscience Australia and Royal Australian Navy researchers have recently returned from a summer mapping the Antarctic waters around Casey Station in unprecedented detail. 

Australian rock star (photos) wanted

09 April 2015

Geoscience Australia is on the look-out for photos with rock-star qualities, with entries now open for the 2015 Top GeoShot photographic competition.

Potential asteroid impact identified in western Queensland

17 March 2015

Researchers have identified a roughly circular structure west of Winton in western Queensland that may have been created by an asteroid impact around 300 million years ago.

Mapping the deep ocean: Geoscience Australia and the search for MH370

23 February 2015

Geoscience Australia has been applying specialist marine geoscience knowledge and capability to assist in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Thomson thumb

New airborne electromagnetic data reduces mineral exploration risk

20 February 2015

The recent release of the southern Thomson Orogen VTEMplus® airborne electromagnetic (AEM) survey dataset will provide better context for understanding the mineral potential of this relatively data-poor region of central and eastern Australia.

Australian continent uncovered by new 3D model

19 February 2015

Models derived from geophysical properties of rocks are an important source of information about the geological structure hidden below the Earth's surface. Australia is fortunate to be the sole occupant of a single continent and provides the perfect laboratory for continental-scale studies of these geophysical properties.

Latest editions of Magnetic Anomaly Grid and Radiometric Map released

17 February 2015

Australia will now be able to lay claim to the best geophysical data coverage of all the continents on Earth following the release of the sixth edition Total Magnetic Intensity (TMI) Anomaly Grid of Australia and the third edition Radiometric Map of Australia datasets.

Future scientists take on Australia's water security challenge

20 January 2015

Australia's top Year 12 science students are gathering in Canberra as part of the National Youth Science Forum to learn first-hand about a major challenge for Australia - how to find and secure future water resources for the nation.

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