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Image of a city showing computer modelling of potential flooded areas indicated in shades of blue and purple

International work helps build safer communities in the Philippines


Scientists from Geoscience Australia have recently completed a major project working together with technical agencies and local authorities in the Greater Metropolitan Manila area in the Philippines, to develop Philippine capacity for assessing the impacts of natural hazards.

Satellite image showing areas of high and low elevation near Lower Darling area near Menindee Lakes, NSW.

Aerial survey to map floodplains across the Murray-Darling Basin


A major aerial survey is currently taking place across the Murray-Darling Basin, capturing three-dimensional data which will accurately model water flows and enable greater understanding of floodplain inundation.

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Seismic survey links jurisdictions


A major, new deep crustal seismic reflection survey is being undertaken to complete the acquisition of almost 1800 kilometres of continuous data across numerous geological provinces in two States and the Northern Territory.

A man recording data in a field.

Australia's continental crust examined in detail


One of the most comprehensive geophysical investigations of Australia's geological makeup ever undertaken is expected to reveal unprecedented detail of the continent's crust and upper mantle.

Scientists standing in a shallow lake gathering samples.

Assessment reveals mineral potential of salt lakes


A newly released study of mineral systems in Australia's vast salt lakes indicates significant potential for valuable mineral deposits.

Satellite orbiting the earth

AUSPOS processing system in demand


A significant increase in demand for Geoscience Australia's Global Position System processing service, AUSPOS from North American users during the recent shutdown of the United States government has continued well beyond the political settlement in the United States.

 Due to the complexity of this image no alternative description has been provided. Please email Geoscience Australia at for an alternate description.

Pre-competitive work helps reduce petroleum exploration risk in the Bight


The Minister for Industry, the Hon. Ian Macfarlane MP, recently awarded three 2012 offshore petroleum exploration permits in the Bight Basin to three major international petroleum explorers.

A man sitting on a rock reading a map.

Australian geological provinces revealed


A new dataset which provides a perspective of Australia through geological time will help researchers and resource exploration companies develop a greater understanding of what lies beneath the continent and part of its offshore jurisdiction.

Team inspecting a conveyor.

Australia's Mineral Resource Assessment


Potential investors have the opportunity to evaluate Australia's mineral resource industry potential with the aid of a newly released assessment of the country's minerals industry.

Coogee Beach in Sydney

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