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Water from rocks in Timor-Leste

04 July 2014

Water availability can often be limited in many districts of Timor-Leste, particularly during the dry season that often lasts for over half the year.

Life in icy waters: using geoscience information to protect life on the Antarctic seafloor

30 June 2014

Work by marine geoscientists from Geoscience Australia is helping to improve understanding of the unique communities of organisms that live on the Antarctic seafloor.


Marine geoscience takes centre stage

26 June 2014

A marine coastal setting seems like the most likely location for the annual conference of the Australian Marine Sciences Association - however this year it is being held in Canberra.

Marine treasures of Tasmania's Flinders Island


Marine geoscientists have gained an amazing underwater view of the Flinders Commonwealth Marine Reserve, located off northeast Tasmania.

Release of updated Australian Energy Resource Assessment


Geoscience Australia and Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics have released an update of the Australian Energy Resource Assessment.

GovHack: promoting open access to our data


As part of our commitment to providing open access government data, Geoscience Australia is hosting a DataJam session in the lead-up to GovHack.

Dynamic topography of Australia's margins


It is well known in the geosciences that most of the Earth's topography and bathymetry is a consequence of tectonic plates thinning or thickening along their boundaries.

Towards an understanding of social vulnerability and resilience to disasters


Science can tell us much about the nature of floods, how fires behave and the response of a building to strong winds. However, not as much is known about how a person will behave or react in the face of unfolding disaster.

Spaceship Earth exhibition opens in Sydney


The iconic Spaceship Earth philosophy that reversed our inward view of our planet has now inspired a new satellite imagery exhibition that opens in Sydney this week.

Antarctic minerals new to science


Some very special Antarctic rocks, containing rare minerals which have never been found anywhere else on Earth, will now be protected under international treaty.

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