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Front cover of the report showing large dump trucks.

New report highlights Australia's potential to help meet global demand for critical commodities


Australia has the potential to play a major role in meeting global demand for commodities used in the production of high-tech devices such as smart phones and flat screen televisions, as well as renewable energy and low-emissions technologies like wind power and electric cars, according to a report released today by the Minister for Resources and Energy Gary Gray.

Seismic recording marks first Moon walk


When Neil Armstrong and Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin were enjoying the special experience of being the first humans to wander on the surface of the Moon in July 1969, they were also creating something unique - the first lunar seismic event registered on Earth.

Geological map showing fault lines.

Piecing together Australia's past


A new study by Australian and British researchers provides new understanding on how the Australian, Indian and Antarctic tectonic plates fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle 165 million years ago.

Flood reconstruction takes many forms


A recent survey in parts of Brisbane and Ipswich has revealed that extensive reconstruction and redevelopment has taken place in the wake of the devastating floods which hit the two centres in 2011.

Map of Australia indicating areas for offshore petroleum acreage release

2013 Acreage Release provides opportunities in underexplored regions


The Minister for Resources and Energy Gary Gray has released new offshore petroleum exploration areas at the annual Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) conference in Brisbane.

Map of Asia indicating mineral resource potential.

Helping developing countries manage their own resources


The Minister for Resources and Energy Gary Gray today released a new report that will provide guidance on how Australia can give a helping hand to developing nations to manage their own mineral and energy resources.

Sub-millimetre accuracy for global positioning


A new antenna calibration facility installed at Geoscience Australia will significantly improve the accuracy of satellite positioning technologies that underpin a range of industrial and research applications.

Budget 2013-14 - What this means for Geoscience Australia


The 2013-14 Budget was delivered by The Treasurer, the Hon Wayne Swan MP this evening.

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