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Helping coastal managers plan better for future storms

24 April 2018

Researchers from Geoscience Australia have developed a new tool-kit that is helping coastal managers to better understand how beaches are impacted by storm events.


Smooth sailing for satellite positioning technology trial

26 March 2018

Mega liner Ovation of the Seas is the latest vessel to test highly accurate positioning technology, as part of the trial of a Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) for the Australasian region.

Exploring for the Future delivering results for Northern Australia

20 March 2018

New data collected between the world-class mineral-endowed regions of Mount Isa and Tennant Creek shows the South Nicholson Basin is three times larger than previously thought.

Atmospheric monitoring: When one estimate is not enough

16 March 2018

An atmospheric monitoring experiment has shown that using a combination of techniques provides a more accurate estimate of possible greenhouse gas emissions rather than relying on a single technique.


Australia leading the world in the latest mineral resource statistics

05 March 2018

The Australian Government has released the latest Australia's Identified Mineral Resources (AIMR) report.

Canberra set to become the sand capital of Australia

12 February 2018

Long summer days and memories of the beach: Canberra is set to become the sand capital of Australia, with Geoscience Australia now housing the most comprehensive set of sand samples in Australia.

ELVIS's excellence recognised on world stage

22 January 2018

Geoscience Australia's Elevation Information System (ELVIS) has won the Geospatial World Excellence Award for Application of Geospatial Technology in Open Data Platform at the Geospatial World Awards.

Undersea maps reveal GBR in unparalleled detail

19 January 2018

High-resolution sea floor maps released today show 1.5 million square kilometres of Australia's iconic Great Barrier Reef in unprecedented detail. 

Next generation of geoscientists uncover their potential at Geoscience Australia

18 January 2018

Australia's most talented science students are investigating real-world problems at Geoscience Australia throughout January. During their visits they will find and analyse a potential mineral deposit using the same techniques that our scientists use in the field and laboratories.

More accurate navigation when Santa comes to town

22 December 2017

It will now be easier for Airservices Australia to track Santa and his crew when he enters Australian airspace this Christmas, thanks to two recent developments by Geoscience Australia and partners.

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