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Join a behind the scenes tour of Geoscience Australia

02 August 2016

Geoscience Australia will be offering three exclusive behind-the-scenes tours of its building and collections during National Science Week.

Interim Australian Energy Resource Assessment Report now available online

01 August 2016

Geoscience Australia has released the interim 2016 Australian Energy Resource Assessment (AERA) report, providing the latest update in the series of national assessments of Australia's energy resources.

Save the date for Geoscience Australia's 2016 Open Day

29 July 2016

The count-down is on to Geoscience Australia's annual Open Day on Sunday 21 August, when we invite the community along to learn about the exciting and diverse range of work carried out by Australia's national geoscience organisation.

Continental-scale mapping of mineral potential wins top award

28 July 2016

A Geoscience Australia project that is helping to build a better understanding of Australia's mineral potential has won the Engaging with the Edge category of the 2016 Public Sector Innovation Awards.

Team effort to establish world-class AuScope GNSS network

08 July 2016

The collaborative effort led by Geoscience Australia to establish the AuScope Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network, is making Position, Navigation and Timing satellite data more accessible to the Australian and international geospatial community.

Important upgrade to Geoscience Australia's magnetometer calibration facility

04 July 2016

Why is there life on Earth? We owe this phenomenon greatly to the Earth's magnetic field. This invisible force protects the planet from harmful cosmic radiation and charged particles that radiate from the sun in the form of solar winds and geomagnetic storms.

New Bushfire Toolbox supports better building design

06 June 2016

Fire is a natural feature of the Australian landscape and remains an ever-present threat. Understanding the risk and potential impacts of bushfire can help communities make better decisions to prepare for, and mitigate against, these risks.

Largest earthquake in nearly 20 years shakes Central Australia

23 May 2016

Australia experienced its largest earthquake in nearly 20 years on Saturday morning when a magnitude 6.1 hit the red centre, waking up tourists and locals alike.

Shaking up Australia's earthquake sizes

11 May 2016

As a result of a global project to more accurately measure historical earthquakes, Australia's list of largest recorded earthquakes has dramatically changed.

Exploring for the Future

04 May 2016

The Australian Government's 2016-17 Budget brings a boost for Geoscience Australia through funding of a new programme Exploring for the Future.

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