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May 2016

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  1. Workshop on Australia's Ni-Cu-PGE mineral potential - new data, new targets
  2. Geodynamic Synthesis of the Phanerozoic of Eastern Australia
  3. Update on geophysical data releases
  4. About Minerals Alert

1. Workshop on Australia's Ni-Cu-PGE mineral potential - new data, new targets

Geoscience Australia and the Australian Institute of Geoscientists will present a workshop in Perth on 10 June describing a  continental-scale study of Australia's potential for intrusion-hosted nickel-copper-platinum-group element (Ni-Cu-PGE) ore deposits. The report and accompanying digital spatial data were published recently.

The results of the Geoscience Australia study highlight known mineralised provinces, their extensions under cover, and several greenfields regions representing new 'search spaces' for possible Ni-Cu-PGE mineralisation. The GIS-based mapping of prospectivity was based on the mineral systems concept, and integrates a wide range of continental datasets including: novel views of seismic and other geophysical and isotopic data (e.g., Nd) to map crustal and mantle architecture; a new map dataset of mafic-ultramafic magmatic events including Large Igneous Provinces; and geochemical discriminants linked to the spatial-temporal distribution of possible host rocks

Place: Australian Resources Research Centre auditorium, 26 Dick Perry Avenue, Kensington, Western Australia
Date: 10 June 2016
Time: 10:15 to 14:00, registration from 09:45
Cost: Free, including light lunch
Registration: Email Jocelyn Thomson jaytee@iinet.net.au or call the AIG on 08 9355 2164

Further details of the program can be found here.

2. Geodynamic Synthesis of the Phanerozoic of Eastern Australia

Geoscience Australia has just released the second edition of a Geodynamic Synthesis of the Phanerozoic of Eastern Australia, the first edition having been published in 2009. The report provides updated detailed geological summaries and time-space-event plots for each individual Orogen (Lachlan, Thomson, Mossman and New England), and an updated interpreted geological and geodynamic synthesis for the whole Tasman Orogen. The latter includes discussion of the range of geodynamic models that have been suggested for the Tasman Orogen, including major difficulties and areas of uncertainty with these models.

For further information, email clientservices@ga.gov.au or phone 1800 800 173.

3. Update on geophysical data releases

Geoscience Australia is managing the geophysical data acquisition programs in Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory on behalf of the state/territory geological surveys.

The current status of Geoscience Australia's geophysical survey data acquisition is available in a comprehensive table.

To obtain further details on the survey acquisition, please email Client Services; or phone 1800 800 173.

4. About Minerals Alert

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