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June 2015

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  1. 2015 edition of the Major Crustal Boundaries of Australia GIS dataset released.
  2. Update on geophysical data releases
  3. About Minerals Alert

1. 2015 edition of the Major Crustal Boundaries of Australia GIS dataset released

The second edition of the GIS dataset Major Crustal Boundaries of Australia by Korsch and Doublier (2015) has been released, and can be downloaded. The dataset is based on interpretation of the numerous deep seismic reflection profiles that transect the continent together with geological and geophysical data. It shows the locations of inferred ancient plate boundaries, and will provide constraints on the three dimensional architecture of Australia. It is a helpful map for first-order area selection in mineral exploration.

For further information, email michael.doublier@ga.gov.au; or phone 02 6249 9697.

2. Update on geophysical data acquisition

Geoscience Australia will be managing the data acquisition program in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and the Northern Territory.

The current status of Geoscience Australia's geophysical survey data acquisition is available in a comprehensive table.

To obtain further details on the survey acquisition, please email murray.richardson@ga.gov.au, or phone +61 2 6249 9229.

3. About Minerals Alert

For more information, please email andrew.barrett@ga.gov.au, or phone +61 2 6249 9502.

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