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Updated:  11 January 2015

Information of Station - Cocos

General Information
Name1 Cocos
Name2 AU018
Name3 Cocos AFN
State identifier Domes 50127M001
Remarks This is a small island territory of Australia situated in the Indian Ocean
GPS identifier coco
IERS domes number 50127M001
Location Cocos (Keeling) Island, WA; AUS
Date originally established 01 Jul 1992
Established by Geoscience Australia
Access details From the airstrip control tower, proceed east across the runway to a narrow road (initially bitumen then dirt) which leads to the meteorological office. The monument is located to the north of the office about 40-50 metres from hydrogen making shed. The site has a clear +10deg. elevation horizon.

Mark Information
Mark position Above Surface
Bed material Pillar
Mark material Stainless Steel
Mark status OK
Mark type Threaded Spigot
Monument foundation Concrete Block
Monument height (m) 0.5
Monument depth (m) 2.5
Mark description 0.5 metre high 0.6 metre diameter concrete pillar with stainless steel plate and centred 5/8" threaded spigot. Mark inscribed National Geodetic Fiducial Network AUSLIG AU018.

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