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Updated:  07 September 2007

OZCHRON Data Disclaimer

Prior to 2000 all geochronology data was entered into an earlier version of OZCHRON. This data underwent QA-QC at the time of entry. Following the migration of this data into the current version of OZCHRON a random check was conducted to test for data accuracy. The QA-QC process of random checking did not identify any inconsistencies in the data. Based on this information an entry by entry QA-QC process was not conducted on the migrated data. All geochronology data entered after 2000 was entered into the current version of OZCHRON and has undergone a QA-QC process.

Please contact us if you have any enquiries about the OZCHRON database or inconsistencies in the data.

Unless otherwise noted, all Geoscience Australia material on this website is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia Licence.