Updated:  06 February 2014

Gazetteer of Australia Place Name Search

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How to use the Place Name Search

Use this search to find the location of places in Australia.

Enter the first few letters of a place name and click the Submit Query button. To refine a search, either select the Place Type or State from the lists. To clear the information, click Reset.

If a search does not produce the desired result, the search criteria should be modified. For example, key in either Mt Isa, Mount Isa, Isa Mt or Isa. Omitting Mount or Mt should still produce the correct result.

Some locality names have alternate names.  Alternate names are recorded in the variant name field of the Gazetteer.  When a search result is returned the option to display additional information for the feature is available by the Record ID button.  Selecting this button will display the full record information for the feature, this includes alternate name, map number and the latitude and longitude in decimal degrees.  Homestead names from Geoscience Australia as the source are unofficial names.

How to download the data

The Gazetteer of Australia 2012 release is available for download from the Free Data Downloads page. The quickest way to locate the data is to type gazetteer in the keyword search.

About the Gazetteer

The Gazetteer of Australia 2012 provides information on the location and spelling of more than 370,000 geographical names across Australia as at January 2012.

The supply of data is coordinated by the Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping and derived from State, Territory and Australian Government agencies.

Copyright of the Gazetteer data resides with the relevant State, Territory and Australian Government agencies which are custodians of the data.

About Geographic Names

The Committee for Geographic Names in Australasia has developed an education resource package explaining how geographic names are assigned to places. The package includes a video titled 'What's in a Name', teacher resources for primary school students together with student exercises and links to other sites of interest.

The custodians of the data do not guarantee that the data is free from errors and omissions. If you have difficulties with this application, or identify possible errors or omissions in the data, please send an email to gazetteer@ga.gov.au.

Unless otherwise noted, all Geoscience Australia material on this website is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia Licence.