Abbreviation Description
°API degrees American Petroleum Institute
Bbbl billion barrels = 109 barrels
bbl barrel
BCF billion cubic feet = 109 cubic feet
BCM billion cubic metres = 109 m3
BOPD barrels of oil per day
BRS Bureau of Resource Sciences
Bscf billions of standard cubic feet
cc cubic centimetre
cm centimetre
d day
DST drill stem test
EOR enhanced oil recovery
EUR estimated ultimate recovery
EXT extension to previously discovered petroleum field
FPSO floating production, storage and offloading
ft feet
GL gigalitre = 106 cubic metres = 6.28981 million barrels
JPDA Joint Petroleum Development Area
kbbl thousand barrels
kcm thousand cubic metres
kL kilolitre
km kilometre
km2 square kilometre
kPa kilopascals, a unit of pressure
LNG liquefied natural gas
LPG liquefied petroleum gas
m metre
m3 cubic metre
ML megalitre = million litres
mm millimetre
MMbbl million barrels
mRT metres below rotary table
na not applicable
NFD new-field discovery
NPD new-pool discovery
PJ petajoule = 1015 joules
ppm parts per million
psi pounds per square inch
RFT repeat formation test
scf standard cubic feet (cubic feet at standard atmospheric temperature and pressure)
Tcf trillion cubic feet = 1012 cubic feet
TJ terajoule = 1012 joules
y year
ZOCA Australia-Indonesia Zone of Cooperation Area A (now JPDA)

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