Table 3 - Significant Australian Offshore Oil and Gas Discoveries, to the end of 2006

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The listing of a 'discovery' in this table is a reflection of company classification and should not be interpreted as a finalised Geoscience Australia classification.

Discovery Discovery Operator Discovered* Produced** Basin(s) Type
Barracouta Esso 31-May-65 Mar/69 Gippsland Oil and Gas
Marlin Esso 3-Feb-66 Nov/69 Gippsland Oil and Gas
Bass Esso 29-Mar-67   Bass Gas
Kingfish Esso 29-May-67 Apr/71 Gippsland Oil
Pecten Shell 4-Jun-67   Otway Gas
Golden Beach Burmah 17-Jul-67   Gippsland Gas
Halibut Esso 29-Aug-67 Mar/70 Gippsland Oil and Gas
Dolphin Esso 21-Nov-67 Jan/90 Gippsland Oil
Perch Esso 2-May-68 Jan/90 Gippsland Oil
Tuna Esso 7-May-68 May/79 Gippsland Oil and Gas
Flounder Esso 28-Sept-68 Dec/84 Gippsland Oil and Gas
Legendre Burmah 31-Oct-68 May/01 Carnarvon Oil
Snapper Esso 9-Dec-68 Jul/81 Gippsland Oil and Gas
Gage Roads WAPET 24-Jan-69   Perth Oil
Bream Esso 16-Apr-69 Mar/88 Gippsland Oil and Gas
Mackerel Esso 23-Apr-69 Dec/77 Gippsland Oil
Flathead Esso 26-May-69   Gippsland Oil
Flinders Shoal WAPET 9-Jul-69   Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Flat Top Aust Aquitaine 26-Jan-70   Bonaparte Gas
Flag WAPET 30-Jan-70   Carnarvon Gas
Pelican (Esso) Esso 24-Apr-70   Bass Gas
Pepper WAPET 3-May-70   Carnarvon Gas
Batfish Esso 27-May-70 not producing Gippsland Gas
Emperor Esso 29-Jun-70 not producing Gippsland Oil and Gas
Cormorant Esso 27-Jul-70   Bass Oil and Gas
Petrel Arco 8-Nov-70   Bonaparte Gas
Scott Reef Burmah 26-May-71   Browse Gas
North Rankin Burmah 25-Jun-71 Jun/84 Carnarvon Gas
North Rankin Burmah 25-Jun-71 Jun/84 Carnarvon Gas
Tern Arco 4-Jul-71   Bonaparte Gas
Rankin Burmah 23-Sept-71 Dec/01 Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Goodwyn Burmah 25-Nov-71 Feb/95 Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Flamingo Arco 30-Nov-71   Bonaparte Gas
Angel Burmah 11-Jan-72 not producing Carnarvon Gas
Puffin Arcon 8-Jun-72 not producing Bonaparte Oil and Gas
Penguin Arco 23-Jul-72   Bonaparte Gas
Iago WAPET 28-Jul-72   Carnarvon Gas
Nannygai Esso 31-Jul-72   Gippsland Oil
Eider Arco 16-Sept-72   Bonaparte Gas
Poonboon Esso 29-Sept-72   Bass Gas
Eaglehawk Woodside 13-Dec-72   Carnarvon Oil
Swan Arco 30-Jan-73   Bonaparte Oil and Gas
Sole Shell 5-Feb-73   Gippsland Gas
West Tryal Rocks WAPET 3-Mar-73   Carnarvon Gas
Rosemary Woodside 26-Mar-73   Carnarvon Gas
Egret Woodside 12-May-73   Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Dockrell Woodside 17-Aug-73 not producing Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Yampi Woodside 16-Sept-73   Browse Oil
Lambert Woodside 23-Jan-74 Oct/97 Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Toolka Esso 5-Feb-74   Bass Gas
Sunfish Esso 1-Mar-74   Gippsland Oil and Gas
Hampton Woodside 17-Apr-74   Carnarvon Gas
Aroo Hematite 19-Apr-74   Bass Gas
Heywood Woodside 27-Jun-74   Browse minor oil
Lambardina Woodside 16-Jul-74   Browse minor oil and gas
Sunrise Woodside 15-Aug-74   Bonaparte Gas
Troubadour Woodside 15-Aug-74   Bonaparte Gas
Troubadour Woodside 15-Aug-74   Bonaparte Gas
Sunrise Woodside 15-Aug-74   Bonaparte Gas
Griffin WAPET 19-Sept-74 Jan/94 Carnarvon Oil
Curlew Arco 13-Jan-75   Bonaparte Oil and Gas
Blackback Esso 1-Sept-75 Jun/99 Gippsland Oil and Gas
Spar WAPET 1-Sept-76   Carnarvon Gas
Haycock Woodside 7-Apr-77   Carnarvon Gas
East Swan Arco 23-Mar-78   Bonaparte Gas
Koolinda WAPET 31-Mar-78   Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Seahorse Esso 31-Aug-78 Sept/90 Gippsland Oil and Gas
Zeewulf Esso 27-Apr-79   Carnarvon Gas
Investigator Esso 11-Jul-79   Carnarvon Gas
Jupiter (Phillips) Phillips 14-Oct-79   Carnarvon Gas
Resolution Esso 8-Nov-79   Carnarvon Gas
Brecknock Woodside 9-Nov-79   Browse Gas
Scarborough Esso 9-Dec-79   Carnarvon Gas
Vinck Esso 16-Mar-80   Carnarvon Gas
Eendracht Esso 29-May-80   Carnarvon Gas
Buffon Woodside 17-Jun-80   Browse Gas
Lesueur Aust Aquitaine 22-Aug-80   Bonaparte Gas
Zeepaard Esso 16-Oct-80   Carnarvon Gas
Sirius (Esso) Esso 2-Dec-80   Carnarvon Gas
Brewster Woodside 8-Dec-80   Browse Gas
Gorgon WAPET 11-Jan-81   Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Saturn Phillips 28-Jan-81   Carnarvon Gas
West Seahorse Hubday 21-Oct-81   Gippsland Oil
Yellowtail Esso 1-Nov-81 not producing Gippsland Oil
Patricia/Baleen Hubday 17-Nov-81 Apr/03 Gippsland Gas
Tarwhine Esso 28-Dec-81 May/90 Gippsland Oil and Gas
Sperm Whale Hubday 7-Jan-82 not producing Gippsland Oil and Gas
Rosily WAPET 30-Apr-82   Carnarvon Gas
Bowers WAPET 14-Aug-82 not producing Carnarvon Gas
Novara Esso 15-Oct-82   Carnarvon Oil
Wirrah Esso 18-Nov-82 not producing Gippsland Oil and Gas
South Pepper Mesa 12-Dec-82 Jan/88*** Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Omeo Aust Aquitaine 1-Feb-83   Gippsland Gas
Wilcox Woodside 17-Feb-83   Carnarvon Gas
Whiting Esso 5-Apr-83 Oct/89 Gippsland Oil and Gas
Volador Shell 16-Apr-83 not producing Gippsland Oil and Gas
Hermes Phillips 20-Apr-83   Gippsland Gas
Emma Occidental 27-Apr-83   Carnarvon Oil
Basker Shell 12-Jun-83   Gippsland Oil and Gas
North Herald Mesa 19-Jun-83 Dec/87*** Carnarvon Oil
Luderick Esso 24-Jun-83 not producing Gippsland Oil and Gas
Chervil Mesa 2-Aug-83 Aug/89 Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Bambra Occidental 27-Aug-83 Oct/05 Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Jabiru BHP 25-Sept-83 Aug/86 Bonaparte Oil
Caswell Woodside 28-Oct-83   Browse Oil and minor gas
Bignose Shell 30-Oct-83   Gippsland Gas
South Chervil Wesminco 19-Nov-83   Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Harriet Occidental 22-Nov-83 Jan/86 Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Basil Wesminco 23-Dec-83 not producing Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Turtle Wesminco 10-Feb-84   Bonaparte Oil
Echuca Shoals Woodside 24-Feb-84   Browse Gas and minor oil
Manta Shell 20-Mar-84   Gippsland Oil and Gas
Veilfin Esso 30-Mar-84   Gippsland Gas
Dixon Woodside 26-May-84   Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Outtrim Esso 2-Jul-84   Carnarvon Oil
Talisman Marathon 24-Aug-84 Jan/89*** Carnarvon Oil
Challis BHP 23-Oct-84 Dec/89 Bonaparte Oil
Grunter Esso 11-Nov-84 not producing Gippsland Oil and Gas
Swift BHP 4-Jan-85   Bonaparte Oil
Barnett Aust Aquitaine 6-Feb-85   Bonaparte Oil
Elder Wesminco 29-May-85 not producing Carnarvon Gas
Saladin WAPET 19-Jun-85 Dec/89 Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Whiptail Esso 9-Aug-85 not producing Gippsland Oil
Yolla Amoco 21-Aug-85 Sep/06 Bass Oil and Gas
Angelfish Esso 16-Dec-85 not producing Gippsland Oil and Gas
Skua BHP 26-Dec-85 Dec/91*** Bonaparte Oil and Gas
Campbell Bond 16-Feb-86 Jul/92 Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Leatherjacket Esso 27-Feb-86   Gippsland Oil
Orpheus Bond 20-Mar-86 not producing Carnarvon Gas
Kipper Esso 28-Mar-86 not producing Gippsland Oil and Gas
Kipper Esso 28-Mar-86   Gippsland Oil and Gas
Eclipse BHP 3-Jul-86   Bonaparte Oil and Gas
Avocet Bond 27-Aug-86   Bonaparte Gas
Forestier Woodside 14-Sept-86   Carnarvon Gas
Remora Esso 21-May-87   Gippsland Oil and Gas
Asterias BHP 7-Sept-87   Browse minor oil
Rosette Bond 9-Oct-87 Apr/88 Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Gryphaea BHP 16-Nov-87   Browse minor oil
Oliver BHP 24-Dec-87   Bonaparte Oil and Gas
Montara BHP 26-Apr-88   Bonaparte Oil and Gas
Pengana BHP 6-May-88 not producing Bonaparte Gas
Cassini BHP 18-Jul-88 Dec/89 Bonaparte Oil
Evans Shoal BHP 18-Aug-88   Bonaparte Gas
Lorikeet BHP 28-Aug-88   Bonaparte Gas
Bilyara BHP 13-Sept-88   Bonaparte Oil and Gas
Torsk Esso 10-Nov-88 not producing Gippsland Oil
Kalyptea BHP 6-Feb-89   Browse Gas
Mulloway Esso 18-Feb-89   Gippsland Oil
Wanaea Woodside 10-Apr-89 Nov/95 Carnarvon Oil
Angler Petrofina 13-May-89   Gippsland Gas
Chinook/Scindian BHP 27-Jun-89 Jan/94 Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Anemone Petrofina 15-Jul-89   Gippsland Gas
Sweetlips Esso 8-Aug-89 not producing Gippsland Oil and Gas
Rivoli Minora 6-Sept-89   Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Discorbis BHP 7-Nov-89   Browse minor oil
Talbot Santos 28-Nov-89   Bonaparte Oil and Gas
Cowle WAPET 18-Dec-89 Apr/91 Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Cossack Woodside 6-Jan-90 Nov/95 Carnarvon Oil
Maple BHP 10-Jan-90   Bonaparte Gas
Keeling Norcen 11-Jan-90   Bonaparte Gas
Roller WAPET 19-Jan-90 Mar/94 Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Sinbad Hadson 25-Mar-90 Jul/92 Carnarvon Gas
Archer Petrofina 27-Mar-90   Gippsland Oil and Gas
Gummy Shell 2-Jun-90   Gippsland Gas
Birch BHP 1-Aug-90   Bonaparte Oil
Delamere BHP 20-Aug-90   Bonaparte Gas
Venture WAPET 24-Sept-90   Carnarvon Oil
Tahbilk BHP 1-Dec-90   Bonaparte Gas
Minden BHP 17-May-91   Carnarvon Gas
Wandoo Ampol 15-Jun-91 Oct/93 Carnarvon Oil
Leatherback Lasmo 21-Jun-91   Carnarvon Oil
Tanami Hadson 8-Jul-91 Oct/91 Carnarvon Oil
Tanami Hadson 8-Jul-91 Oct/91 Carnarvon Oil
Halcyon Lasmo 29-Jul-91   Bonaparte Gas
Skate WAPET 8-Nov-91 Mar/94 Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Skate WAPET 8-Nov-91 Mar/94 Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Productus Mobil 10-Dec-91   Browse minor gas
Maret Norcen 22-Jan-92   Bonaparte Gas
Moonfish Esso 21-Jun-92 Jul/97 Gippsland Oil and Gas
Maitland Wesminco 9-Sept-92   Carnarvon Gas
Fishburn BHP 22-Oct-92   Bonaparte Gas
Macedon/Pyrenees BHP 31-Oct-92   Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Ulidia Hadson 23-Nov-92 not producing Carnarvon Gas
Troas BHP 26-Nov-92   Otway Gas
La Bella BHP 8-Feb-93   Otway Gas
Marri Ampol 29-Mar-93   Perth Oil and Gas
East Spar Wesminco 29-Mar-93 Oct/96 Carnarvon Gas
Minerva BHP 4-Apr-93 Jan/05 Otway Gas
Nebo Kufpec 14-May-93   Carnarvon Oil
Stag Hadson 18-Jun-93 May/98 Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Australind WAPET 19-Sept-93   Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Santa Cruz Command 8-Nov-93   Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Rambler Sagasco 24-Dec-93   Bonaparte Oil and Gas
Elang BHP 5-Feb-94 Jul/98 Bonaparte Oil
Fohn Phillips 23-May-94   Bonaparte Gas
Minotaur Marathon 11-Jul-94   Bonaparte Oil
Alkimos Hadson 31-Aug-94 Sept/94*** Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Saffron Woodside 3-Oct-94   Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Laminaria Woodside 9-Oct-94 Nov/99 Bonaparte Oil
Kakatua BHP 8-Dec-94 Jul/98 Bonaparte Oil
Chrysaor WAPET 13-Dec-94   Carnarvon Gas
Bayu/Undan Phillips 3-Feb-95 Mar/04 Bonaparte Oil and Gas
Cycad Ampolex 25-Mar-95   Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Gudgeon Esso 24-Apr-95 not producing Gippsland Oil
Longtom BHP 24-May-95   Gippsland Gas
Austin Ampolex 8-Jun-95   Carnarvon Gas
Gwydion BHP 8-Jun-95   Browse Oil and Gas
Wonnich Ampolex 31-Jul-95 Jul/99 Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Ascalon Mobil 1-Sept-95   Bonaparte Gas
Blencathra BHP 18-Sept-95   Carnarvon Oil
Corallina Woodside 21-Dec-95 Nov/99 Bonaparte Oil
Antler Apache 23-Apr-96 not producing Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Elk Apache 1-May-96   Carnavon Gas
Jahal BHP 6-May-96   Bonaparte Oil
Agincourt Apache 28-May-96 Aug/97 Carnarvon Oil
Buffalo BHP 27-Sept-96 Dec/99*** Bonaparte Oil
Lynx Woodside 27-Sept-96   Carnarvon Gas
Ridley Apache 28-Sept-96   Carnarvon Oil
Nimrod BHP 7-Oct-96   Carnarvon Gas
Buller BHP 13-Dec-96   Bonaparte Oil
Cornea Shell 7-Jan-97   Browse Oil and Gas
Cherring Mobil 9-Mar-97   Carnarvon Gas
Woollybutt Mobil 23-Apr-97 Apr/03 Carnarvon Oil
Mutineer Santos 18-Jun-97 Mar/05 Carnarvon Oil
Tenacious Cultus 21-Jun-97   Bonaparte Oil and Gas
Krill BHP 19-Jul-97   Bonaparte Oil
Kelp Deep Mobil 29-Jul-97   Bonaparte Gas
Reindeer Apache 26-Oct-97   Carnarvon Gas
Psepotus Woodside 27-Feb-98   Browse Gas
Gipsy Apache 2-Mar-98 Feb/01 Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Peck Apache 18-Mar-98   Carnarvon Oil
Caspar BHP 21-Jun-98   Browse Gas and minor oil
White Ibis Premier 23-Jun-98   Bass Gas
Focus Shell 11-Jul-98   Browse Oil
Rose Apache 15-Jul-98 Jun/05 Carnarvon Gas
Bluff BHP 21-Jul-98   Bonaparte Oil
Sparkle Shell 23-Jul-98   Browse Oil
John Brookes Mobil 2-Sept-98 Sep/05 Carnarvon Gas
John Brookes Mobil 2-Sept-98 Sep/05 Carnarvon Gas
Adele Shell 9-Oct-98   Browse Gas
Chuditch Shell 1-Nov-98   Bonaparte Gas
Vincent Woodside 26-Dec-98   Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Webley Woodside 19-Jan-99   Carnarvon Gas
Windsor Apache 7-Mar-99 not producing Carnarvon Gas
Bennet Apache 13-Mar-99 not producing Carnarvon Oil
Sage Apache 25-Mar-99   Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Enfield Woodside 5-Apr-99 Jul/06 Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Columba Nippon 26-Apr-99   Browse Gas
North Marra Apache 8-Jul-99 not producing Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Geryon WAPET 15-Sept-99   Carnarvon Gas
Orthrus WAPET 15-Oct-99   Carnarvon Gas
North Gipsy Apache 28-Oct-99 Feb/01*** Carnarvon Oil
Cuttlefish Amity 29-Oct-99   Gippsland Oil and Gas
Cadell Apache 7-Nov-99   Carnarvon Gas
Nasutus Apache 16-Nov-99   Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Narvik Apache 28-Nov-99   Carnarvon Gas
Monty Apache 19-Dec-99 not producing Carnarvon Gas
Coaster WAPET 26-Dec-99 not producing Carnarvon Oil
Josephine Apache 10-Jan-00 not producing Carnarvon Gas
Baker Apache 20-Jan-00 not producing Carnarvon Gas
Urania WAPET 11-Feb-00   Carnarvon Gas
Scafell BHP 27-Feb-00   Carnarvon Gas
Corvus Apache 21-Mar-00   Carnarvon Gas
Maenad Chevron 28-Mar-00   Carnarvon Gas
Padthaway BHP 9-Apr-00   Bonaparte Gas
Oryx Apache 26-Apr-00   Carnarvon Oil
Jansz Mobil 26-Apr-00   Carnarvon Gas
North Alkimos Apache 2-Jun-00 Jul/05 Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Prometheus Kerr-McGee 7-Jun-00   Bonaparte Gas
Linda Apache 18-Aug-00 Apr/04 Carnarvon Gas
Brecknock South Woodside 18-Aug-00   Browse Gas
Chamois Apache 28-Aug-00   Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Argus BHP 14-Sept-00   Browse Gas
Tusk Apache 15-Sept-00   Carnarvon Oil
Bandar Tap 18-Oct-00   Carnarvon Oil
Leverda Woodside 27-Oct-00   Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Abalone Japex 3-Nov-00   Browse Gas
Coleraine Phillips 21-Nov-00   Bonaparte Oil
Saratoga Kerr-McGee 18-Dec-00   Bonaparte Gas
Saucepan Nippon 2-Jan-01   Browse Gas
Lindsay Tap 6-Jan-01   Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Audacious OMV 31-Jan-01   Bonaparte Oil
Simpson Apache 7-Feb-01 Mar/01 Carnarvon Oil
Gibson Apache 27-Feb-01 Feb/02*** Carnarvon Oil
South Plato Apache 27-Feb-01 Feb/03 Carnarvon Oil
Kuda Tasi Woodside 16-Mar-01   Bonaparte Oil
Thylacine Origin 18-May-01   Otway Gas
Corowa Santos 7-Jun-01   Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Geographe Woodside 16-Jun-01 not producing Otway Gas
East Pilchard Esso 2-Aug-01 not producing Gippsland Gas
Blacktip Woodside 10-Aug-01   Bonaparte Gas
Errol Apache 2-Oct-01   Carnarvon Gas
Gudrun Apache 8-Oct-01 Feb/04 Carnarvon Oil
Phrixus BHP 14-Nov-01   Browse minor oil and minor gas
Cliff Head Roc Oil 29-Dec-01 May/06 Perth Oil
Marabou Santos 31-Dec-01   Browse Gas
Double Island Apache 20-Jan-02 Feb/03 Carnarvon Oil
Pedirka Apache 24-Feb-02 Nov/02 Carnarvon Oil
Little Sandy Apache 17-Mar-02 Nov/02 Carnarvon Oil
Victoria Apache 24-Mar-02 Nov/02 Carnarvon Oil
Hoover Apache 3-Apr-02 Aug/03 Carnarvon Oil
Exeter Santos 14-Apr-02 Mar/05 Carnarvon Oil
Casino Santos 14-Sept-02 Feb/06 Otway Gas
Endymion Apache 11-Oct-02 Nov/02 Carnarvon Gas
Selene Apache 27-Oct-02 not producing Carnarvon Gas
Immortelle Apache 2-Dec-02   Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Taunton Apache 8-Dec-02 not producing Carnarvon Oil
Scallop Esso 23-Feb-03   Gippsland Gas
Stybarrow BHP Billiton 1-Mar-03 not producing Carnarvon Oil
Cyrano Tap 23-Mar-03   Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Crackling South Tap 28-Mar-03   Carnarvon Oil
Ravensworth BHP Billiton 22-Jul-03   Carnarvon Oil
Ginger Apache 26-Aug-03 not producing Carnarvon Gas
Crosby BHP Billiton 9-Oct-03   Carnarvon Oil
Monet Apache 17-Apr-04 Jun/04 Carnarvon Oil
Eskdale BHP Billiton 4-May-04   Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Stickle BHP Billiton 15-May-04   Carnarvon Oil
Harrison BHP Billiton 26-May-04   Carnarvon Oil
Gungurru Apache 9-Jul-04   Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Wheatstone ChevronTexaco 6-Aug-04   Carnarvon Gas
Moby Bass Strait 11-Oct-04   Gippsland Gas
Martha Santos 30-Oct-04   Otway Gas
Trefoil Origin 24-Nov-04   Bass Gas
Altostratus Strike Oil 3-Dec-04   Carnarvon Oil
Boojum Tap 23-Dec-04   Carnarvon Gas
Katandra OMV 26-Dec-04   Bonaparte Oil
Grayling Apache 12-Jan-05   Gippsland Gas
Hurricane Santos 19-Jan-05   Carnarvon Gas
Falcone Woodside 20-Feb-05   Carnarvon Gas
Albert Apache 11-Mar-05 Apr/05 Carnarvon Oil
Lauda OMV 1-Apr-05   Carnarvon Oil
Black Watch Origin 5-Apr-05   Otway Gas
Romulus Apache 6-Apr-05   Carnarvon Oil
Remus Apache 15-Apr-05 not producing Carnarvon Oil
Halladale Origin 21-Apr-05   Otway Gas
Vesta Eni 2-Jun-05   Bonaparte Gas
Mohave Apache 17-Jul-05 Jul/05 Carnarvon Oil
Henry Santos 20-Jul-05   Otway Gas
Caldita ConocoPhillips 25-Aug-05   Bonaparte Gas
Jane Apache 27-Aug-05 not producing Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Artreus Apache 15-Sept-05 Sept/05 Carnarvon Oil
Highgrove Apache 3-Oct-05   Carnarvon Gas
Kultarr Apache 29-Nov-05   Carnarvon Gas
Firebird ConocoPhillips 8-Dec-05   Bonaparte Gas
Scimitar Nexus 6-Jan-06   Gippsland Oil
Zephyrus Apache 18-Apr-06   Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Amulet Tap 4-Jun-06   Carnarvon Oil
Pemberton Woodside 25-Jun-06   Carnarvon Gas
Chandon Chevron 1-Jul-06   Carnarvon Gas
Evans Shoal South Santos 11-Jul-06   Bonaparte Gas
Clio Chevron 21-Aug-06   Carnarvon Gas
Libris Apache 5-Sept-06   Carnarvon Oil
Barossa ConocoPhillips 13-Oct-06   Bonaparte Gas
West Cycad Apache 3-Nov-06   Carnarvon Oil
Gobi Apache 13-Nov-06   Carnarvon Oil
South Gibson Apache 17-Nov-06   Carnarvon Oil


* Total depth date of discovery well

** Approximate, where available

***Abandoned (Talisman 1992;North Herald, Skua, South Pepper 1997; Alkimos 1998; Buffalo 2005)


Barracouta was discovered by the renamed Gippsland Shelf 2 well

Marlin includes Turrum and North Turrum

Kingfish includes West Kingfish (produced Dec-82)

Halbut includes Cobia (produced Jun-79) and Fortescue (produced Sep-83)

Mackerel includes South Mackerel

Rankin includes Echo/Yodel, Dockerell, Sculptor and Keast

Griffin field was discovered by the Hilda 1A well and includes Ramillies

Blackback field was discovered by the Hapuku 1 well and includes Terakihi

Saladin includes Yammaderry

Macedon/Pyrenees field was discovered by the West Murion 3 well

North Rankin includes Perseus, Athena, Capella, Perseus South and Searipple

Brewster includes Ichthys, Dinichthys, Gorgonichthys, Titanichthys, Prelude and Tocatta

Bayu/Undan includes Hingkip and Trulek

Scott Reef is now called Torosa and Brecknock South is now called Calliance by the operator

Cornea includes the Macula and Stirrup discoveries

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