Discoveries Table 4 - Australian Producing Onshore Oil and Gas Discoveries, to end 2008

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The listing of a 'discovery' in this table is a reflection of company classification and should not be interpreted as a finalised Geoscience Australia classification.

Discovery Discovery Operator Discovered* Produced** Basin(s) Type
Hospital Hill Qld Government 17-Oct-01 1900 Surat Gas
Lakes Entrance Lakes Entrance 01-Jul-24 1930 Gippsland Oil
Rough Range WAPET 08-May-55 1955 Carnarvon Oil
Timbury Hills CSR 04-Apr-60 1961 Surat Gas
Pickanjinnie AAO 12-Jul-60 1969 Bowen/Surat Gas
Cabawin Union Oil 26-Mar-61 1977 Bowen/Surat Oil and Gas
Moonie Union Oil 06-Dec-61 1964 Surat Oil
Glentulloch AAO 24-Dec-61 2001 Bowen Gas
Westgrove CSR 04-Jun-62 2002 Bowen Gas
Sunnybank AAO 01-Jan-63 1963 Bowen Oil and Gas
Bony Creek AAO 27-Mar-63 1969 Surat Gas
Richmond AAO 25-Aug-63 1969 Bowen/Surat Oil and Gas
Myall Creek Union Oil 20-Jan-64 2002 Bowen/Surat Gas
Rolleston Associated Freney 25-Jan-64 1990 Bowen Gas
Gidgealpa Delhi 10-Feb-64 1969 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Mereenie Exoil 21-Feb-64 1984 Amadeus Oil and Gas
Colgoon Union Oil 25-Feb-64 n.a. Surat Gas
Warooby South AAO 27-Feb-64 1995 Surat Gas
Blyth Creek AAO 12-Mar-64 1993 Surat Gas
Back Creek Amalgamated Petroleum 25-Mar-64 1987 Bowen Gas
Yardarino WAPET 04-Jun-64 1978 Perth Oil and Gas
Snake Creek Amalgamated Petroleum 14-Jun-64 1969 Bowen Oil and Gas
Duarran AAO 02-Jul-64 1969 Surat Oil and Gas
Beaufort AAO 02-Jul-64 1984 Bowen/Surat Gas
Alton Union Oil 17-Jul-64 1966 Bowen/Surat Oil and Gas
Yanalah AAO 20-Jul-64 1970 Surat Gas
Barrow Island WAPET 04-Aug-64 1967 Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Conloi Union Oil 24-Aug-64 196 Surat Oil
Raslie AAO 27-Sep-64 1969 Bowen/Surat Gas
Gilmore Phillips 24-Oct-64 1995 Adavale Gas
Merrimelia Delhi 20-Nov-64 1983 Cooper Oil and Gas
Lamen CSR 29-Nov-64 1976 Surat Gas
Pine Ridge CSR 23-Jan-65 1965 Bowen/Surat Gas
Oberina Amalgamated Petroleum 28-Jan-65 1996 Surat Gas
Trinidad Amalgamated Petroleum 14-Feb-65 1965 Surat Oil
Mount Horner WAPET 22-Mar-65 1984 Perth Oil
Anabranch CSR 26-Mar-65 1965 Surat Oil and Gas
Gingin WAPET 31-Mar-65 1972 Perth Oil and Gas
Hollyrood CSR 07-Apr-65 1991 Surat Gas
Major Union Oil 15-Apr-65 1995 Bowen Oil and Gas
Palm Valley Magellan 01-May-65 1983 Amadeus Gas
Maffra CSR 11-Jun-65 1966 Surat Oil and Gas
Bennett Union Oil 18-Oct-65 1966 Surat Oil
Nappacoongee Delhi 06-Nov-65 2002 Cooper Oil and Gas
Tarrawonga Inter 06-Dec-65 1969 Bowen/Surat Gas
Spencer Delhi 30-Dec-65 1986 Eromanga Oil
Leichhardt Union Oil 21-Feb-66 1992 Surat Oil and Gas
Moomba Delhi 20-Apr-66 1969 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Lyndon Caves CSR 27-May-66 1988 Surat Gas
Dongara WAPET 28-Jun-66 1971 Perth Oil and Gas
Tubridgi WAPET 08-Nov-66 1991 Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Caroline Alliance 29-Jan-67 1968 Otway Gas
Pasco WAPET 25-May-67 1972 Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Wallumbilla South CSR 11-Jun-67 1969 Bowen Gas
Hope Creek CSR 07-Oct-67 1971 Surat Gas
Pringle Downs CSR 15-Oct-67 1971 Bowen/Surat Oil and Gas
Stakeyard CSR 30-Nov-67 1995 Bowen Gas
Daralingie Delhi 01-Dec-67 1984 Cooper Oil and Gas
Pleasant Hills CSR 07-Nov-68 1969 Bowen/Surat Gas
Mondarra WAPET 25-Nov-68 1972 Perth Gas
Toolachee Delhi 22-Mar-69 1984 Cooper Gas
Grafton Range CSR 22-Mar-69 1981 Surat Gas
Mooga CSR 26-Jul-69 1976 Surat Gas
Roseneath Total 06-Dec-69 n.a. Cooper Oil and Gas
Kincora Union Oil 09-Dec-69 1977 Bowen/Surat Oil and Gas
Boxleigh Union Oil 03-Jun-70 1979 Bowen Oil and Gas
Tirrawarra Bridge 11-Jun-70 1983 Cooper Oil and Gas
Packsaddle/Pondrinie Alliance 12-Jun-70 1996 Cooper/Eromanga Gas
Westlands CSR 02-Aug-70 1993 Surat Gas
Euthulla CSR 10-Aug-70 1976 Bowen/Surat Gas
Della Pursuit 16-Aug-70 1971 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Noorindoo Union Oil 06-Oct-70 1970 Bowen Oil and Gas
Tindilpie Pexa 28-Oct-70 n.a. Cooper Gas
Strzelecki Pursuit 05-Dec-70 1982 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Mudrangie Alliance 12-Jan-71 1985 Cooper Gas
Moorari/Woolkina Bridge 28-Feb-71 1983 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Walyering WAPET 10-Apr-71 1972 Perth Gas
Coonatie Flinders 05-Jul-71 1999 Cooper Gas
Coopers Creek Alliance 23-Jul-71 1992 Cooper Gas
Fly Lake Delhi 16-Oct-71 1983 Cooper Oil and Gas
Big Lake Delhi 28-Dec-71 1972 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Epsilon Delhi 06-Jan-72 1989 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Brumby Delhi 06-Apr-72 1985 Cooper Gas
Dullingari Delhi 05-Oct-72 1982 Cooper Oil and Gas
Kanowana Vamgas 08-Jan-73 1990 Cooper Gas
Durham Downs Delhi 01-Oct-73 1999 Cooper Gas
Wolgolla Delhi 01-Nov-73 2002 Cooper Gas
Silver Springs/Renlim Bridge 29-Jun-74 1978 Bowen Gas
Karmona Aust Aquitaine 01-Aug-76 1998 Cooper Oil and Gas
Barrolka Aust Aquitaine 06-Sep-76 2000 Cooper Gas
Namur Delhi 06-Nov-76 1979 Eromanga Gas
Kidman Delhi 14-Oct-77 1984 Cooper Oil and Gas
Munkarie Delhi 16-Feb-78 1985 Cooper Gas
Mascotte Jimbilly 17-May-78 1982 Surat Gas
Wackett Delhi 20-Aug-78 1998 Cooper/Eromanga Gas
Boggo Creek Bridge 02-Sep-78 1978 Bowen Oil
Ashby Delhi 30-Sep-78 n.a. Cooper Gas
Parknook BHP 27-Dec-78 1994 Bowen Oil and Gas
Warroon BHP 31-Aug-79 1994 Bowen Oil and Gas
Beldene Hartogen 23-Oct-79 1982 Bowen/Surat Gas
Thomby Creek Bridge 13-Nov-79 1979 Bowen Oil
North Paaratte Beach 21-Nov-79 1986 Otway Gas
Cuttapirrie Santos 12-Apr-80 1985 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Woodada Hughes and Hughes 12-Jun-80 1982 Perth Gas
Glen Fosslyn Bridge 09-Jul-80 1994 Bowen Oil and Gas
Newstead Hartogen 14-Dec-80 1983 Bowen/Surat Gas
Marabooka Delhi 22-Jan-81 1982 Cooper/Eromanga Gas
Mudera Delhi 08-Mar-81 1992 Cooper Gas
Wallaby Creek Beach 29-Mar-81 1996 Otway Gas
Yapeni Delhi 25-Apr-81 1984 Cooper Gas
Kerna Delhi 30-Apr-81 1993 Cooper Gas
McKinlay Delhi 26-May-81 1985 Eromanga Oil
Blina Home 08-Jun-81 1983 Canning Oil
Wantana Delhi 17-Jun-81 2002 Cooper Gas
Royston Hartogen 20-Jul-81 1982 Surat Gas
Riverslea BHP 23-Aug-81 1981 Surat Oil
Tartulla Delhi 23-Aug-81 n.a. Cooper Gas
Namarah Hematite 08-Oct-81 1994 Bowen Gas
Dilchee Delhi 23-Oct-81 1993 Cooper Gas
Avondale AAR 07-Nov-81 1984 Surat Oil and Gas
Wanara Delhi 19-Nov-81 1989 Cooper Gas
Waggamba Bridge 20-Nov-81 1982 Bowen Gas
Jackson Delhi 12-Dec-81 1983 Eromanga Oil
Merivale AAR 02-Jan-82 1990 Bowen Gas
Yellowbank AAR 08-Feb-82 1990 Bowen Gas
Jackson South Delhi 06-Apr-82 1984 Eromanga Oil
Newington Hartogen 06-Apr-82 1989 Bowen Gas
Jack Lake Delhi 10-Apr-82 1996 Cooper Gas
Yellowbank Creek Bridge 13-Apr-82 1982 Bowen Oil
Borah Creek Hartogen 24-Apr-82 1982 Bowen/Surat Oil and Gas
Sandy Creek Hartogen 27-May-82 1982 Bowen/Surat Oil and Gas
Sirrah Bridge 08-Jun-82 1985 Bowen Gas
Waratah Hartogen 14-Jun-82 1983 Bowen Oil and Gas
Yapunyah Hematite 30-Jun-82 1982 Bowen Oil
Didgeridoo Hartogen 13-Jul-82 1986 Surat Gas
Kudrieke/Mitchie Delhi 14-Jul-82 n.a. Cooper Oil and Gas
Punchbowl Gully AAR 05-Aug-82 1992 Bowen Gas
Cogoon River Hartogen 11-Aug-82 1993 Surat Gas
Andree/Leleptian Delhi 22-Sep-82 1990 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Marana Delhi 05-Oct-82 1987 Cooper Gas
Sundown Home 23-Nov-82 1983 Canning Oil
Rakoona Delhi 08-Dec-82 1988 Cooper Gas
South Pepper Mesa 12-Dec-82 1988 Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Scotia Oilmin 13-Jan-83 2002 Bowen Gas
Springvale CSR 23-Jan-83 1990 Bowen Gas
Cowan Delhi 20-Apr-83 1995 Cooper Gas
Broadway BHP 28-Apr-83 1992 Surat Gas
North Herald Mesa 19-Jun-83 1987 Carnarvon Oil
Gunna Delhi 27-Jul-83 1984 Eromanga Oil
Chookoo Delhi 29-Aug-83 1985 Eromanga Oil and Gas
Narcoonowie Delhi 22-Sep-83 1985 Eromanga Oil
Nockatunga Pancontinental 27-Sep-83 1984 Eromanga Oil
Yambugle Hartogen 09-Oct-83 1991 Bowen Gas
Munkah Delhi 27-Oct-83 1994 Cooper Gas
Naccowlah South Delhi 01-Nov-83 1984 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Wilson Delhi 05-Nov-83 1984 Eromanga Oil
Yarrabend Hartogen 15-Nov-83 1985 Bowen/Surat Gas
Tinpilla Delhi 14-Dec-83 1984 Eromanga Oil
Challum Delhi 22-Dec-83 1985 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Naccowlah West Delhi 22-Dec-83 1984 Eromanga Oil
Sigma Delhi 29-Dec-83 1985 Eromanga Oil
Tintaburra Hartogen 31-Dec-83 1984 Eromanga Oil
Roswin Bridge 07-Feb-84 1993 Bowen Gas
Myrtleville CSR 26-Feb-84 1990 Bowen Gas
Yanda Delhi 11-Mar-84 1985 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Springton CSR 08-May-84 1990 Bowen Gas
Moorooloo CSR 24-Jun-84 1991 Bowen Gas
Bogala Delhi 26-Jun-84 1984 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Bodalla South Lasmo 27-Jun-84 1984 Eromanga Oil
Bloodwood Hartogen 28-Jun-84 1993 Bowen Gas
Kerinna Delhi 08-Jul-84 1985 Eromanga Oil
Limestone Creek/Biala Delhi 28-Jul-84 1985 Cooper/Eromanga Oil
Talisman Marathon 24-Aug-84 1989 Carnarvon Oil
Naccowlah East Delhi 28-Aug-84 1988 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
West Kora Esso 28-Aug-84 1989 Canning Oil
Moolion Delhi 18-Oct-84 2002 Cooper Gas
Carbean Hartogen 26-Oct-84 1985 Bowen/Surat Gas
Berwick Hartogen 11-Nov-84 1994 Bowen/Surat Gas
Wancoocha Delhi 16-Nov-84 1985 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Bookabourdie Delhi 27-Nov-84 1985 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Ballera Delhi 28-Nov-84 1994 Cooper Gas
Baryulah Delhi 05-Dec-84 2001 Cooper Gas
Tickalara Delhi 23-Dec-84 1985 Eromanga Oil
Merrit AAR 13-Jan-85 1988 Surat Gas
Mayfield AAR 25-Jan-85 1985 Surat Gas
Baratta Delhi 09-Mar-85 1995 Cooper Gas
Alwyn Delhi 22-Mar-85 1985 Eromanga Oil
Mooliampah Delhi 07-Apr-85 1985 Eromanga Oil
Muteroo Delhi 21-Apr-85 1985 Eromanga Oil
West Terrace Home 28-May-85 1985 Canning Oil
Kooroopa Hartogen 01-Jun-85 1985 Eromanga Oil
Watson South Delhi 22-Jun-85 1985 Eromanga Oil
Kenmore Lasmo 26-Jun-85 1985 Eromanga Oil
Talgeberry Hartogen 08-Jul-85 1985 Eromanga Oil
Meranji Delhi 12-Jul-85 1985 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Wippo Delhi 31-Jul-85 2000 Cooper Gas
Koora Pancontinental 01-Sep-85 1985 Eromanga Oil
Washpool Hartogen 07-Sep-85 1987 Bowen Oil
Cook Delhi 09-Sep-85 1985 Eromanga Oil
Glenvale Lasmo 16-Sep-85 1985 Eromanga Oil
Nulla Delhi 04-Oct-85 1999 Cooper Gas
Fairymount Sydney Oil 04-Oct-85 1985 Bowen Oil
Louise Bridge 13-Oct-85 1986 Bowen Oil
Winna Pancontinental 17-Oct-85 1985 Eromanga Oil
Toobunyah Hartogen 06-Nov-85 1985 Eromanga Oil
Takyah Hartogen 28-Nov-85 1986 Eromanga Oil
McWhirter Sunland 01-Dec-85 1985 Bowen Oil
Watson Delhi 15-Dec-85 1986 Eromanga Oil
Skua BHP 26-Dec-85 1991 Bonaparte Oil and Gas
Deepwater AAR 27-Dec-85 1988 Surat Gas
Pira Delhi 04-Jan-86 2000 Cooper Gas
Ipundu Hartogen 07-Jan-86 1986 Eromanga Oil
Byrock Lasmo 08-Feb-86 n.a. Cooper Oil
Dirkala Delhi 13-Feb-86 1986 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Garanjanie Delhi 09-Mar-86 1990 Cooper Oil and Gas
Black Stump Lasmo 10-Mar-86 1986 Eromanga Oil
Thungo Pancontinental 16-Mar-86 1986 Cooper/Eromanga Oil
Cowralli Delhi 30-Mar-86 1997 Cooper Gas
Kihee Pancontinental 02-Apr-86 1986 Eromanga Oil
Nanima Delhi 13-Apr-86 1987 Eromanga Gas
Taylor Bridge 23-Apr-86 1988 Bowen Oil and Gas
Nungeroo Delhi 26-Apr-86 1986 Eromanga Oil
Dilkera Pancontinental 02-May-86 1989 Eromanga Oil
Goyder Delhi 16-May-86 1998 Cooper Gas
Bimbaya Santos 31-May-86 1988 Cooper Gas
Narrows Bridge 13-Jul-86 1986 Bowen Oil
Okotoko Delhi 04-Aug-86 1991 Cooper Gas
Tennaperra Delhi 08-Sep-86 1995 Eromanga Oil
Tarwonga Delhi 14-Oct-86 1991 Cooper Gas
Merupa Santos 03-Nov-86 1997 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Thurakinna Delhi 04-Nov-86 1990 Cooper Gas
Cooroo Delhi 29-Nov-86 1987 Eromanga Oil
Swan Lake Santos 06-Dec-86 1997 Cooper Gas
Mundi Delhi 14-Dec-86 1991 Cooper Gas
Lake MacMillan Delhi 14-Jan-87 2002 Cooper Gas
Kurunda Delhi 15-Jan-87 1989 Cooper Oil and Gas
Toby Delhi 31-Jan-87 1987 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Taylor South Santos 10-Feb-87 1988 Cooper Gas
Balcaminga Santos 01-Apr-87 1999 Cooper Gas
Maxwell Pancontinental 06-Apr-87 1987 Eromanga Oil
Wingnut CSR 18-Apr-87 1988 Bowen/Surat Gas
Caneon CSR 06-May-87 1988 Surat Gas
Dingera Delhi 18-May-87 1988 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Mawson Delhi 22-May-87 1987 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Keena Delhi 19-Jun-87 1991 Cooper Oil and Gas
Lloyd Home 09-Jul-87 1987 Canning Oil
Monler Hartogen 15-Jul-87 1987 Eromanga Oil
Waukatanna Santos 18-Jul-87 1996 Cooper Gas
Kanaloo Hartogen 19-Jul-87 1987 Bowen/Surat Gas
Deina Santos 02-Aug-87 1988 Cooper Gas
Kungarri Hartogen 20-Aug-87 1989 Bowen Gas
Pelican (Santos) Santos 21-Sep-87 1989 Cooper Oil and Gas
Cranstoun Hartogen 02-Nov-87 1987 Eromanga Oil
Karri Delhi 05-Nov-87 1990 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Pintari North Santos 08-Nov-87 1988 Eromanga Oil
Judga Delhi 26-Nov-87 1994 Cooper Gas
Yuranigh Hartogen 04-Dec-87 1989 Bowen Gas
Katnook Ultramar 30-Dec-87 1991 Otway Gas
Pitchery Delhi 21-Jan-88 1988 Eromanga Oil
Walpanara Hartogen 01-Feb-88 1991 Bowen Gas
Munro Delhi 01-Mar-88 1988 Cooper/Eromanga Oil
Iona Beach 17-Mar-88 1993 Otway Gas
Natan Delhi 20-Mar-88 1988 Eromanga Oil
Thoar Delhi 31-Mar-88 n.a. Cooper Gas
Massy Santos 11-Apr-88 2000 Cooper Gas
Kujani Santos 09-May-88 1991 Cooper Gas
Narie Santos 09-May-88 1990 Cooper Oil and Gas
Taloola Santos 30-May-88 1988 Eromanga Oil
Sturt Santos 05-Jul-88 1988 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Varanus Santos 16-Jul-88 1991 Cooper Gas
Tantanna Santos 23-Jul-88 1989 Eromanga Oil
James Santos 05-Sep-88 1989 Cooper Oil
Bobs Well Santos 22-Sep-88 n.a. Cooper Gas
Kirralee Santos 31-Oct-88 1991 Cooper Gas
Arrakis Santos 04-Nov-88 1992 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Beechwood Bridge 09-Dec-88 1992 Bowen Gas
Tinker Bridge 30-Dec-88 1993 Bowen Gas
Mettika Santos 27-Jan-89 1990 Cooper Gas
Spencer West Santos 10-Apr-89 1989 Eromanga Oil
Marsilea Santos 04-May-89 1990 Cooper Gas
Naccowlah Delhi 15-Jul-89 1989 Eromanga Oil
Gidgee Delhi 31-Jul-89 1989 Eromanga Oil
Pinaroo Delhi 24-Aug-89 1989 Eromanga Oil
Muthero Command 25-Aug-89 1989 Eromanga Oil
Wandilo Delhi 07-Sep-89 1989 Eromanga Oil
Corella Delhi 22-Sep-89 1989 Eromanga Oil
Endeavour Ampol 06-Oct-89 1989 Eromanga Oil
Orientos Delhi 18-Dec-89 1990 Eromanga Oil
Bowen Delhi 29-Dec-89 1990 Eromanga Oil
Pogona Santos 22-Feb-90 1996 Cooper Gas
Ruby Delhi 27-Feb-90 n.a. Eromanga Gas
North Yardanogo Barrack 02-Mar-90 1990 Perth Oil
Caraka Santos 14-Apr-90 1990 Cooper Gas
Moolalla Santos 14-Apr-90 1990 Cooper Gas
Beharra Springs Barrack 05-May-90 1990 Perth Gas
Bottletree OCA 06-Jul-90 1991 Bowen Gas
Alisma Santos 25-Jul-90 1994 Cooper Gas
Boundary Petroleum Securities 16-Aug-90 1990 Canning Oil
Rheims Delhi 19-Aug-90 1990 Eromanga Oil
Beranga South OCA 24-Aug-90 1991 Bowen Gas
Cogoon River West OCA 10-Oct-90 1991 Surat Oil
Jarrar Delhi 16-Dec-90 1990 Eromanga Oil
Bolan Delhi 04-Jan-91 1991 Eromanga Oil
Cooba Santos 26-Mar-91 1991 Cooper Gas
Echuburra Delhi 01-Apr-91 1991 Eromanga Oil
North Boxleigh Bridge 20-Apr-91 1993 Bowen Gas
East Glen Bridge 23-May-91 1993 Bowen Gas
Wallawanny North Delhi 06-Jun-91 1991 Eromanga Oil
Patroclus Delhi 21-Jun-91 1991 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Cooloon South Santos 01-Jul-91 1992 Cooper Gas
Wilga OCA 15-Sep-91 1992 Bowen Oil and Gas
Keleary Santos 13-Oct-91 1991 Cooper Oil
Martini OCA 22-Nov-91 1992 Bowen Oil and Gas
Genoa Delhi 03-Jan-92 1992 Eromanga Oil
Boongala Santos 14-Jan-92 1993 Cooper Gas
Gimboola Ampolex 10-Jul-92 1992 Eromanga Oil
Farina Santos 14-Sep-92 1993 Cooper Gas
Wirrarie Santos 01-Oct-92 1995 Cooper Gas
Turkey Creek AGL 16-Nov-92 1993 Bowen Gas
Genoa North Santos 16-Dec-92 1993 Eromanga Oil
Glenloth OCA 16-Jan-93 1995 Bowen Gas
Stokes Santos 14-Jun-93 1997 Cooper Gas
Lark Bridge 16-Jun-93 1994 Bowen Gas
Costa Santos 05-Jul-93 1995 Cooper Gas
Mudlalee Santos 30-Jul-93 1993 Eromanga Oil
Snake Creek East Santos 02-Oct-93 1994 Bowen/Surat Gas
Coonarah Petroleum Securities 10-Nov-93 2004 Gunnedah Gas
Bargie OCA 11-Jan-94 1994 Eromanga Oil
Crest WAPET 06-Feb-94 1994 Carnarvon Oil
Link Bridge 17-Mar-94 1995 Bowen Gas
Haselgrove Sagasco 27-May-94 2000 Otway Gas
Inland Inland Oil 25-Jun-94 1995 Eromanga Oil
Mylor Bridge 27-Jun-94 1999 Otway Oil and Gas
Caladan Santos 30-Jul-94 1994 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Iliad Santos 10-Aug-94 1994 Eromanga Oil
Alkimos Hadson 31-Aug-94 1994 Carnarvon Oil and Gas
Ballera West Santos 01-Sep-94 1997 Cooper Gas
Telopea Santos 13-Oct-94 1994 Cooper Oil
Allambi Santos 15-Oct-94 1995 Cooper Gas
Winninia Santos 11-Dec-94 n.a. Cooper Gas
Caxton OCA 24-Jan-95 1995 Bowen/Surat Gas
Dunbar GFE 23-Mar-95 n.a. Otway Gas
Tallerangie Santos 25-May-95 2001 Cooper Gas
Moon Santos 06-Jul-95 n.a. Cooper Gas
Gahnia Santos 03-Aug-95 1995 Cooper Gas
Costa South Santos 10-Aug-95 1996 Cooper Gas
Psyche Santos 03-Nov-95 n.a. Cooper Gas
Correa Santos 06-Nov-95 1996 Cooper Gas
New Royal OCA 09-Nov-95 1995 Bowen Oil and Gas
Pennie Santos 01-Dec-95 1998 Cooper Gas
Plantago Santos 02-Dec-95 1998 Cooper Gas
Yawa Santos 21-Feb-96 1999 Cooper Gas
Skull Creek Cultus 28-May-96 n.a. Otway Gas
Reg Sprigg Santos 10-Jun-96 1996 Eromanga Oil
Roti Santos 03-Jul-96 2001 Cooper Gas
Carmina Santos 13-Sep-96 1996 Eromanga Oil
Chiron Santos 17-Sep-96 2001 Cooper Oil and Gas
Buffalo BHP 27-Sep-96 1999 Bonaparte Oil
Bindah Santos 10-Oct-96 2001 Cooper Gas
Gudi Santos 23-Oct-96 1998 Cooper Gas
Downlands Mosaic 18-Nov-96 1999 Surat Gas
Beckler Santos 30-Nov-96 1999 Cooper Gas
Juno Santos 09-Dec-96 2002 Cooper Gas
Judga North Santos 06-Jan-97 1997 Cooper Gas
Tarragon Santos 16-Jan-97 1997 Eromanga Oil
Merindal Santos 16-Jan-97 1997 Cooper Gas
Nephrite Santos 18-Jan-97 1997 Cooper Gas
Koree South Santos 06-Feb-97 1999 Cooper Gas
Utopia Kentucky 24-Mar-97 1997 Eromanga Oil
Fenton Creek Santos 04-Apr-97 1999 Otway Gas
Riverside OCA 13-Jun-97 1998 Surat Gas
Nephrite South Santos 18-Jun-97 1998 Cooper Gas
Dorodillo Santos 17-Jul-97 1997 Cooper Gas
Hackett Santos 18-Jul-97 2002 Cooper Gas
Wippo South Santos 01-Aug-97 2001 Cooper Gas
Regatta OCA 05-Aug-97 1998 Surat Oil and Gas
Milluna Santos 17-Aug-97 1998 Cooper Gas
Costa Central Santos 24-Oct-97 2001 Cooper Gas
Vega Santos 08-Nov-97 2002 Cooper Gas
Redman Boral 14-Feb-98 n.a. Otway Gas
Challum West Santos 26-Mar-98 n.a. Cooper Gas
Cabernet Santos 06-May-98 1998 Cooper Gas
Digger OCA 10-May-98 1998 Surat Gas
Hera Santos 30-Jun-98 2001 Cooper Gas
Moolion North Santos 05-Sep-98 1998 Cooper Gas
Welcome Lake East Santos 11-Sep-98 1999 Cooper Gas
Verona Santos 03-Nov-98 1999 Cooper Gas
Moonanga Santos 04-Nov-98 1999 Cooper Gas
Yandina OCA 14-Dec-98 2000 Bowen Gas
Mica Santos 17-Dec-98 1999 Cooper Gas
Raven Santos 11-Jan-99 1999 Cooper Gas
Touriga Santos 31-Jan-99 1999 Cooper Gas
Windigo Santos 30-Sep-99 2001 Cooper/Eromanga Gas
Winninia North Santos 21-Oct-99 n.a. Cooper Gas
North Gipsy Apache 23-Oct-99 2001 Carnarvon Oil
Wild Dog Road Boral 22-Dec-99 2000 Otway Gas
Penryn Santos 19-Jan-00 2001 Otway Gas
Wippo East Santos 25-Jul-00 n.a. Cooper/Eromanga Gas
Roti West Santos 26-Aug-00 n.a. Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Tarrango Santos 14-Jan-01 2001 Cooper/Eromanga Gas
Downlands East Mosaic 19-Jan-01 2001 Bowen/Surat Gas
McIntee Santos 22-Feb-01 2001 Otway Gas
Gibson Apache 27-Feb-01 2002 Carnarvon Oil
Tregony Santos 15-Mar-01 2001 Otway Gas
Moona Santos 15-Mar-01 2001 Cooper/Eromanga Gas
Quasar Santos 22-Mar-01 n.a. Cooper/Eromanga Gas
Quasar South Santos 11-Apr-01 2002 Cooper/Eromanga Gas
Croft Santos 12-Apr-01 2002 Otway Gas
Tellus Santos 29-Apr-01 2001 Cooper/Eromanga Gas
Naylor Santos 17-May-01 2001 Otway Gas
Churchie Mosaic 25-Jul-01 2003 Bowen/Surat Gas
Wellington Santos 18-Aug-01 2002 Cooper Gas
Crowsnest Santos 10-Oct-01 2002 Cooper/Eromanga Gas
Hovea Origin 13-Oct-01 2003 Perth Oil
Quasar Southeast Santos 12-Dec-01 2002 Cooper/Eromanga Gas
Tellus South Santos 11-Jan-02 2002 Cooper/Eromanga Gas
Acrasia Stuart 23-Apr-02 2002 Eromanga Oil
Acrus Santos 11-May-02 2002 Cooper Gas
Sellicks Beach 30-Jul-02 2003 Cooper/Eromanga Oil
Horseshoe OCA 26-Oct-02 n.a. Surat Gas
Sardine Creek Santos 27-Nov-02 n.a. Bowen Gas
Seamer Santos 27-Dec-02 n.a. Otway Gas
Eremia Arc Energy 27-Mar-03 n.a. Perth Oil
Christies Beach 14-Jul-03 2004 Cooper/Eromanga Oil
Worrior Stuart 29-Sep-03 2003 Cooper Gas
Surlow Santos 29-Nov-03 n.a. Cooper/Eromanga Gas
Chinook Santos 15-Dec-03 n.a. Cooper/Eromanga Gas
Mulberry Santos 18-Dec-03 n.a. Cooper Oil
Hebe Santos 22-Jan-04 n.a. Cooper Gas
Flax Innamincka 29-Jan-04 2005 Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas
Xyris Arc Energy 04-Apr-04 2004 Perth Gas
Millswood Santos 22-Apr-04 n.a. Cooper/Eromanga Gas
Jingemia Origin 09-May-04 2004 Perth Oil
Derrilyn Santos 27-May-04 2004 Cooper/Eromanga Oil
Tarantula Origin 10-Jun-04 2005 Perth Gas
Harpoono Stuart 11-Jun-04 2005 Cooper/Eromanga Oil
Apium Arc Energy 12-Jun-04 n.a. Perth Gas
Smegsy Great Artesian 09-Aug-04 2006 Cooper Gas
Arwon Stuart 30-Oct-04 2005 Cooper Oil
Galex Santos 03-Nov-04 n.a. Cooper Gas
Coolum Beach 05-Feb-05 n.a. Eromanga Oil
Evandra Arc Energy 02-Aug-05 n.a. Perth Oil
Stimpee Santos 06-Aug-05 n.a. Cooper Oil
Winninia South Santos 22-Aug-05 n.a. Cooper Gas
Kiana Beach 12-Sep-05 2005 Cooper Oil and Gas
Padulla Stuart 06-Nov-05 n.a. Cooper Oil
Theta Santos 30-Dec-05 n.a. Cooper Gas
Ogilvie Creek Origin 18-Apr-06 n.a. Surat Gas
Emu Apple Origin 15-Jun-06 2008 Surat Oil
Comic Stuart 27-Jul-07 n.a. Cooper Oil
Cleansweep Stuart 12-Nov-07 n.a. Cooper Oil
Parsons Beach 28-Nov-07 2008 Cooper Oil

* Total depth date of discovery well

** Approximate, where available

n.a. Not Available

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