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Molong - Sofala Igneous Subprovince

Entity ID: 20364 Compiled by: Liu, S.F. and Bain, J.H.C. Year: 2002 Status: Informal

Last Revised: 2015

Rank: subprovince Type: igneous Subtype: mixed intrusive/extrusive Location: NSW On-shore

Synonyms: NA Symbol: NA

Minimum age: Llandovery Age method: biozone

Maximum age: Early Ordovician Age method: inferred, biostratigraphic correlation

Summary: The Molong - Sofala Igneous Subprovince forms the eastern part of the Ordovician Macquarie Igneous Province, and contains predominantly mafic-intermediate volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks with some ultramafic volcanic and intrusive rocks formed in an island arc environment in central New South Wales. The subprovince hosts the Cadia Cu-Au porphyry deposit.

State: NSW
Resources: Copper
porphyry copper-gold
Resources: Gold
vein gold (and derived younger placer deposits)
Country: AUS
Igneous crystalline rocks - volcanic: basaltic
Igneous crystalline rocks - volcanic: andesitic
Mafic composition: calc-alkaline
Mafic composition: shoshonite
Mafic composition: M (mantle)

Parent: Macquarie Igneous Province

Child Provinces: No data

Underlies - Sydney Basin

Constituent units: Carcoar Granodiorite, Cargo Volcanics, Cowra Granodiorite, Forest Reefs Volcanics, Junction Reefs Monzodiorite, Kenyu Formation, Mount Misery Granite, Rockley Volcanics, Sofala Volcanics, Stokefield Metagabbro, Walli Volcanics, Wuuluman Granite, Wyangala Supersuite, Young Granodiorite, Cabonne Group, Glen Ayr Syenite, Moorilda Monzonite, Goonigal Group, Burranah Formation, Fairbridge Volcanics, Angullong Formation, Eugowra Granite, Byng Volcanics, Blayney Volcanics, Dulladerry Volcanics, Kenilworth Group (consists of the Walli Volcanics, Kenyu Fm, Coombing Fm and Triangle Fm), Big Box Hill Syenite, Bundella Syenite, Cadiangullong Porphyry, Millamolong Porphyry, Broula Granite, Marangulla Syenite, Tunbridge Wells Diorite, Canowindra Volcanics, Glendale Quartz Monzonite, Errowan Monzonite, Fernside Monzodiorite, Cadia Hill Monzonite, Swallow Creek Porphyry, Rowen Brae Porphyry, Tettenhall Monzodiorite, Crowther Monzodiorite, Tallwood Monzodiorite, Mount Pleasant Basalt Member, Mitchell Formation, Umagarlee Monzodiorite, Cadia Hill Monzonite intrusive suite, Cadia Intrusive Complex, Copper Hill Suite, Millthorpe Volcanics

Events: Benambran Orogeny

Mineral Deposits: Lucknow, Lucky Draw, Cargo, Mitchells Creek, Sofala-Wattle Flat, Sheahan-Grants, Cadia Hill

Key Reference: Pogson, D.J., Watkins, J.J. 1998, Bathurst 1:250 000 geological Sheet. SI/55-8: Explanatory Notes., Australian Geological Survey Organisation and Geological Survey of New South Wales, SI/55-8, (Refid:23214)

Comments: Includes the Molong and Rockley-Gulgong belts of the Ordovician Macquarie Arc

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