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Lachlan Fold Belt

Entity ID: 20429 Compiled by: Palfreyman, W.D. Year: 1984 Status: Defined

Last Revised: 2015

Rank: superprovince Type: tectonic Subtype: orogen/fold belt Location: NSW, QLD, VIC, TAS On-shore

Synonyms: Lachlan Orogen Symbol: LFB

Minimum age: Early Carboniferous Age method:

Maximum age: Cambrian Age method:

Summary: Complex of deep-marine seds with basic volcs; trough-type seds and associated acid to basic volcs; also shelf and continental seds; sedimentation extended from Cambrian to middle Devonian with major breaks at close of the Ordovician and Silurian, and in the Middle Devonian. A number of phases of acid and lesser intermediate to basic intrusives of Ordovican to Carboniferous age; widespread acid to basic volcanism; minor ultrabasic intrusions. Mostly low-grade; isolated areas of moderate to high-g

State: NSW
State: VIC
State: TAS
State: QLD
Country: AUS
Plate dynamic: thin-skinned

Parent: No data

Child Provinces: No data

Underlies - Bass Basin, Darling Basin, Gippsland Basin, Murray Basin, Oaklands Basin, Otway Basin

Constituent units: Pinnak Sandstone, Little Brown Mountain Granite, Killingworth Formation, Fosters Creek Conglomerate, Daroobalgie Volcanics, Dart River Volcanic Breccia, Dartella Volcanic Group, Doctor George Granite, Collingullie Granite, Brungle Creek Metabasalt, Buangor Granite, Bocobidgle Conglomerate, Avenall Basic Intrusive Complex, Barmedman Granite, Blue Gum Tonalite, Yiddah Formation, Alton Limestone Member, Wrens Flat Andesite, Windover Quartz Monzodiorite, Warrambat Andesite Breccia, Tobacco Creek Andesite, Togari Group, Temora Volcanics, Reefton Dolerite, Narooma Chert, Middledale Gabbroic Diorite, Manfred Sandstone, Licola Volcanics, Lakelands Flat Andesite Breccia, Hickman Creek Granite, Highton Volcanics, Handford Creek Formation, Hardwicke Creek Rhyolite, Gidginbung Volcanics, Currumburrama Volcanics, Combaning Formation, Connemarra Formation, Carson Creek Ignimbrite, Brissces Hut Andesite, Bredbo Group, Belimebung Volcanics, Beaufort Formation, Yeringberg Formation, Yellow Mountain Granite, Wuuluman Granite, Wondalga Granodiorite, Willow Glen Formation, White Hills Gravel, Wermatong Metabasalt, Waugoola Group, Wagonga Group, Tonghi Granodiorite, Tom Groggin Suite, Tiger Range Group, Thologolong Granite, Taralga Group, Success Creek Group, Stud Formation, Strathbogie Igneous Complex, Stokefield Metagabbro, Stawell Granite, Spirifer yassensis Limestone Member, Sourges Shale, Soho Street Amphibolite, Sinclair Valley Sandstone, Shume Formation, Roland Conglomerate, Quarry Creek Limestone, Pyalong Granite, Panuara Formation, Paling Yard Formation, Norton Gully Sandstone, Mullions Range Volcanics, Mumbil Group, Mugincoble Chert, Mount Phillipa Member, Mount Mittamatite Granite, Mount Lewin Limestone Member, Mount Frome Limestone, Mount Dromedary Igneous Complex, Mount Easton Shale, Mount Egerton Suite, Mount Buffalo Granite, Mount Bute Granite, Mount Allen Granite, Moruya Suite, Morass Creek Basalt, Molong Limestone, Minjary Volcanics, Mineral Hill Volcanics, Melbourne Formation, McAdam Sandstone, Malongulli Formation, Mafeking Suite, Lookdown Limestone, Lawsons Gully Porphyry, Lambie Group, Lake Mountain Rhyodacite, Lake Boga Granite, Kuark Metamorphic Complex, Koetong Suite, Koetong Supersuite, Kildrummie Formation, Kikoira Granite, Kenyu Formation, Kerrie Group, Kevington Creek Formation, Kellys Plain Volcanics, Keatings Shale Member, Jenolan Caves Limestone, Jindabyne Suite, Jindabyne Tonalite, Jackson Granite, Ingebyrah Suite, Hyandra Creek Group, Hotham Group, Hermit Granite, Hawkins Suite, Harcourt Granodiorite, Gungoandra Siltstone, Gumble Granite, Green Hills Granodiorite, Grassy Granodiorite, Goonumbla Volcanics, Gordon Group, Ghost Hill Formation, Garvey Gully Formation, Foxlow beds, Frampton Volcanics, Frome Hill Formation, Fossil Hill Limestone, Forest Reefs Volcanics, Forlorn Hope Granite, Flowerdale Member, Eucumbene Granite, Eildon Sandstone, Dungeree Volcanics, Doubtful River Gabbro, Downderry Limestone Member, Denison Group, Derriwong Group, Davys Plains Limestone Member, De Drack Formation, Deal Island Granite, Deep Creek Siltstone, Davies Creek Granite, Cunningham Formation, Currajong Limestone Member, Crudine Group, Cudal Group, Crimson Creek Formation, Corner Limestone Member, Cootamundra Group, Cooma Granodiorite, Cooma Suite, Coombing Formation, Cooleman Plains Group, Coolac Serpentinite, Condobolin Formation, Cobblers Creek Limestone, Cocoparra Group, Clagger Sandstone, Checkers Member, Cave Hill Sandstone, Carcoar Granodiorite, Cargo Creek Limestone, Canobolas Volcanic Complex, Camelford Limestone, Caloma Sandstone, Byong Volcanics, CSA Siltstone, Burrinjuck Granite, Burra Burra Creek Formation, Bungywarr Formation, Bunroy Hut Granite, Bumberra Formation, Bumbolee Creek Formation, Bulls Camp Volcanics, Bugs Ridge Granite, Bullanamang Porphyry, Bullawyarra Schist, Bullenbalong Supersuite, Brumby Mafic Arenite Member, Braidwood Granodiorite, Boree Creek Formation, Boola Formation, Boebuck Granodiorite, Boggy Plain Suite, Bogolo Formation, Bogong Granite, Bold Head Adamellite, Blacks Flat Diorite, Black Range Group, Birkenburn beds, Belubula Shale, Ben Lomond Granite, Bay Formation, Bathurst Granite, Banksia Chert Member, Baringhup Granodiorite, Ballyhooley Granite, Bacchus Marsh Formation, Bagdad Formation, Arte Gabbro, Arable Tonalite, Ararat Granodiorite, Ardlethan Granite, Anglers Rest Granite, Walters Range Group, Wibenduck Limestone, Windamere Volcanics, Yea Formation, Bungendore Formation, Curmulee Conglomerate, Enano Group, Gleesons Limestone Member, Glenthompson Sandstone, Kalimna Limestone Member, Lottah Granite, Rothlyn Formation, Wombin Volcanics, Bells Creek Volcanics, Bolinda Shale, Boolahbone Granite, Burranah Formation, Cheesemans Creek Formation, Coopers Creek Limestone, Emu Hollow Dacite, Eurow Formation, Hatchery Creek Conglomerate, Mount Hope Group, Red East Member, Sinclair Conglomerate Member, Strathbogie Suite, Tarago Conglomerate, Tullaroop Granodiorite, Warroo Limestone Member, Weethalle Granite, Winduck Group, Wombiana Formation, Burrandong Creek Member, Gatelee Ignimbrite, Parkes Volcanics, Akuna Mudstone, Bland Diorite, Comerong Volcanics, Cooleman Limestone, Cowombat Siltstone, Fairbridge Volcanics, Glenrae Limestone Member, Goobarragandra Volcanics, Khan Yunis Formation, Lockhart Basic Intrusive Complex, Manooka Limestone Member, Mount Fairy Group, Mulwaree Group, Murrumbucka Tonalite, Reedy Creek Limestone, Springfield Sandstone, Tantangara Formation, Toongi Group, Wilson Creek Shale, Tank Creek Sandstone, Roxburgh Formation, Wyoming Limestone Member, Barrandella Shale Member, Bloomfield Limestone Member, Bulla Granodiorite, Combyingbar Formation, Dundas Group, Kadoona Dacite, Liptrap Formation, Mirrabooka Formation, Mount Leinster Igneous Complex, Mount Tambo Group, Nariel Granite, Regans Creek Limestone, Tolmie Igneous Complex, Nacka Nacka Metabasic Igneous Complex, Daylesford Limestone, Bourimbla Limestone Member, Boyd Volcanic Complex, Bundaburrah Granodiorite, Cootralantra Granodiorite, Currawang Basalt, Girilambone Group, Gundagai Serpentinite, Kohinoor Volcanics, Micalong Swamp Basic Igneous Complex, Millambri Formation, Towanga Sandstone, Urialla Granite, Gibsons Folly Formation, Vandon Limestone, Darraweit Guim Mudstone, Bell Point Limestone, Kiandra Group, Mount Dijou Volcanics, Paradise Porphyry, Receptaculites Limestone Member, Weddin Sandstone, Shield Creek Formation, Blowering Formation, Cobar Supergroup, Nelungaloo Volcanics, Mingelo Volcanics, Quondong Limestone, Angullong Formation, Ashton Member, Cotton Formation, Donnellys Creek Siltstone, Eldon Group, Eugowra Granite, Macquarie Park Sandstone, Murrumbidgee Group, Newcastle Coal Measures, Rosyth Limestone, Temperance Formation, Snowy River Volcanic Group, Ballingoole Limestone, Bullengarook Gravel, Chintin Formation, Quarantine Bay Member, Ranch Member, Bindogandri Granite, Errinundra Group, Humevale Siltstone, Kopyje Group, Lilydale Limestone, Mansfield Group, Mount Cole Suite, Oakley Limestone Member, Sutchers Creek Formation, Talingaboolba Formation, Tanwarra Shale, Trundle Group, Wolumla Conglomerate Member, Snowball Metabasic Igneous Complex, Jillamatong Granodiorite, Nash Hill Volcanics, Crinoidal Limestone Member, Yarra Yarra Creek Group, Jordan River Group, Douro Group, Long Tunnel Metabasic Igneous Complex, Forbes Group, Rutledge Quartzite Member, Catombal Group, Cooma Metamorphic Complex, Jingera Rock Syenite Complex, Mount William Metabasalt, Narraburra Granite, Raggatt Volcanics, Wallace Shale, Bullung Siltstone, Gooandra Volcanics, Jindalee Group, Anderson Creek Formation, Bete Bolong Suite, Blueys Creek Formation, Canomodine Limestone, Dargile Formation, Glendalough Formation, Jagungal Volcanics, Kurrajong Park Formation, Liscombe Pools Limestone, Lysterfield Granodiorite, Majurgong Formation, Murrays Flats beds, Sofala Volcanics, Ungarie Granite, Warrigundi Igneous Complex, Wyangala Suite, Saint Arnaud Group, Bullenbalong Suite, Cappanana Formation, Corryong Granite, Dalgety Suite, Delegate River Mudstone, Gabo Suite, Glebe Farm Adamellite, Greenwood Granite, Hoskinstown Group, Kanangra Granite, Koetong Granite, Lucyvale Granite, Paddys River Volcanics, Rockley Volcanics, Serpentine Creek Sandstone, Taemas Limestone, Waratah Limestone, Wombat Creek Group, Yass Formation, Amboyne Granodiorite, Bellbird Creek Formation, Bendoc Group, Bendora Granodiorite, Boggy Plain Supersuite, Carwoola Formation, Fyshwick Gravel, Gabo Island Granite, Ginninderra Porphyry, Grampians Group, Howqua Chert, Lachlan Formation, Laidlaw Volcanics, Murrumbateman Creek Formation, Omeo Metamorphic Complex, Pilot Range Granite, Pine Mountain Granite, Ryrie Formation, Snowy Plains Formation, State Circle Shale, Tomago Coal Measures, Tonghi Suite, Urana Formation, Walhalla Group, Warbisco Shale, Yalmy Group, Boro Granite, Granya Granite, Wentworth Group, Hawkins Volcanics, Mount Painter Volcanics, Nungar beds, Quidong Limestone, Tidbinbilla Quartzite, Yarralumla Formation, Black Mountain Sandstone, Buchan Group, Canberra Formation, Colinton Volcanics, Glenbog Supersuite, Merriangaah Siltstone, Merrimbula Group, Mugga Mugga Porphyry Member, Narrabundah Ashstone Member, Sunlight Creek Formation, Walker Volcanics, Glenbog Suite, Deakin Volcanics, Mount Alfred Granite, Long Flat Volcanics, Shannons Flat Granodiorite, Strathbogie Granite, Woodlawn Volcanics, Yackandandah Granite, Acton Shale Member, Thorkidaan Volcanics, Wunghnu Group, Mountain Creek Volcanics, Borenore Limestone, Nagha Granite, Coolac Ophiolite Suite, Wurutwun Formation, Adaminaby Group, Blayney Volcanics, Oakdale Formation, Triangle Formation, Cookman Formation, Turondale Formation, Coates Creek Member, Dulladerry Volcanics, Kandos Group, Kenilworth Group, Marangulla Syenite, Brittlejack Granite, Avoca Valley Shale, Canowindra Volcanics, Bunga beds, Campbells Group, Cathedral Group, West Lynne Serpentinite, Milmiland Granite, Barrajin Group, Kabadah Formation, Wansey Formation, Bumberry Formation, Walli Volcanics, Jingerangle Formation, Box Ridge Volcanics, Kangaloolah Volcanics, Errowan Monzonite, Brothers Creek Granite, Limekilns Formation, Moura Formation, Padua Granodiorite, Nyora Granite, Howe Range Granite, Anson Formation, Cadia Hill Monzonite, Weemalla Formation, Ashburnia Group, Rossdhu Granite, Greenslopes Porphyry, Swallow Creek Porphyry, Point Ricardo Granite, Purgagoolah Granite, Rocky Jack Granite, Booralee Volcanics, Rylstone Volcanics, Nargong Volcanics, Tettenhall Monzodiorite, Merrions Formation, Cadia Coach Shale, Montys Hut Formation, Pipers Flat Formation, Coomber Formation, Cabonne Group, Camp Hill Sandstone Member, Millsville Formation, Toolamanang Formation, Warrah Conglomerate, Clandulla Limestone, Yellowmans Creek Formation, Pyangle Pass Granite, Hughies Bore beds, Nambucurra Granodiorite, Queens Pinch Group, Boogledie Formation, Tallwood Monzodiorite, Pitfield Volcanics, Larsen Creek Ignimbrite, Mount Difficult Subgroup, Lazy Bar Andesite, Sheoak Gully Boninite, Tanja Syenite Complex, Myalla Road Syenite Complex, Mumbulla Suite, Bemboka Suite, Wahringa Limestone Member, Wylinga Member, Warderie Volcanic Member, Chesleigh Group, Bell River Member, Ootha Formation, Tucklan Formation, Nobby Road Sandstone, Bathurst Supersuite, Bathurst Suite, Gulgong Suite, Sloggets Suite, Carawandool Volcanics, Bogong Suite, Yeoval Suite, Braidwood Suite, Jinden Suite, Watch Box Suite, Cobargo Suite, Merricumbene Suite, Cooma Supersuite, Delegate Suite, Myocum Suite, Oberon Suite, Bombala Suite, Ardlethan Suite, Caragabal Suite, Galore Suite, Arthursleigh Suite, Mount Arthur Suite, Barry Suite, Barmedman Suite, Burraga Suite, Babel Island Suite, Collingullie Suite, Cumbijowa Suite, Coolumbooka Suite, Clear Range Suite, Cowra Suite, Deal Island Suite, Wangarabell Suite, Ellenden Suite, Enfield Suite, Free Damper Suite, Gunning Suite, Hume Park Suite, Isabella Suite, Jindera Suite, Kyeamba Suite, Llanelly Suite, Lady Northcotts Suite, Mandari Suite, Monga Suite, Mila Suite, Murrumbucka Suite, Murringo Suite, Neville Suite, Grong Grong Suite, Ellerslie Suite, Sutton Suite, Tinderry Suite, Tea Tree Suite, Tuglow Suite, Ulandra Suite, Butmaroo Suite, Wondalga Suite, Whipstick Suite, Warburton Suite, Young Suite, Yewrangara Suite, Federal Suite, Curumbenya Ignimbrite Member, Hunter Formation, Brangan Volcanics, Merriganowry Shale Member, Copperhannia Member, Cowriga Limestone Member, Mount Pleasant Basalt Member, Bowan Park Limestone Subgroup, Cliefden Caves Limestone Subgroup, Yuranigh Limestone Member, Towrang Formation, Mountain Creek Suite, Geordies Spur Gabbro, Mitta Mitta Rhyolite, Cobbannah Group, Numeralla Chert, Warrumba Volcanics, Barmouth Group, Koomberar Formation, Wagga Group, Gundibindyal Suite, Charcoal Tank Granite, Clements Formation, Shannons Flat Suite, Sunbury Group, Bumballa Formation, Maitland Beach Volcanics, Tolga Member, Nubrigyn Member, Mitchell Formation, Wingara Formation, Culela Member, Gooloogong Member, Fairholme Igneous Complex, Tombong Formation, Chakola Formation, Glen Fergus Member, Cambalong Metamorphic Complex, Jerangle Metamorphic Complex, Goobang Volcanics, Cargelligo Formation, Square Head Formation, Leeton Igneous Complex, Ballast Formation, Mount Ararat Granite, Owen Group, Callemondah Conglomerate, Bradleys Creek Metamorphic Complex, Milton Grove Formation, Bungonia Group, Folly Point Limestone Member, Efflux Siltstone Member, Sawtooth Ridge Limestone Member, Hervey Group, New Country Sandstone, Kuark Metamorphic Complex Supersuite, Dysentery Tonalite, Mount Elizabeth Caldera Complex, Northparkes Volcanic Group, Gunningbland Formation, Tuena Formation, Hoskins Chert, Loddon River Group, Cavan Bluff Limestone, Gregra Group, Dandongadale Siltstone, Bear Gully Chert Bed, Murrindindi Supergroup, Licking Gully Granite, Allwood Granodiorite, Avon Supergroup, Banimboola Quartz Monzodiorite, Castlemaine Group, Wilkie Gray Group, Nuggetty Reef Granite, Mathinna Supergroup, Wonga Schist, Laroona Arkose, Nullawonga latite member"", Ceres Gabbro, Corduroy Creek Gabbro, Digger Island Marlstone, Currie Group, Gamboola Shale, Warraberry Member, Copper Hill Intrusive Complex, Moornapa Sandstone, Cudgewa Falls Volcanics, Moornambool Metamorphic Complex, Murtagh Creek Ignimbrite, Narooma Accretionary Complex, Tabor Volcanics, Adjie Granodiorite, Burbibyong Granite, Burrungabugge Granodiorite, Cooney Ridge Granodiorite, Gentle Annie Porphyry, Guys Forest Granodiorite, Halls Paddock Diorite, Jingellic Tonalite, Keelangie Creek Granodiorite, Mount Unicorn Porphyry, Murray Gates Leucogranite, Narrowleaf Leucogranite, Thowgla Creek Granite, Touzells Granodiorite, Wabba Granite, Bethanga Gneissic Granite, Mozart Chert Member, Mount Burrowa Volcanic Group, Jemba Ignimbrite, Beetoomba Granodiorite, Berringama Granodiorite, Surveyors Creek Suite, Newer Volcanic Group, Cobaw Suite, Metcalfe Granite, Romeny Diorite, Harts Paddock Diorite, Federal Basalt, Magdala Basalt, Dukes Basalt, Kingsley's Formation, Tait Sandstone, Royal Albert Shale, Metropolitan Sandstone, Herschell Formation, Lady Fiona Sandstone, Central Sandstone, Vital Shale, Deborah Back Sandstone, Rowe's Shale, United Sandstone, Lalgambook Breccia, Gurragong Volcanics, Mount Dandenong Volcanic Group, Cardinal View Formation, Erigolia Granite, Preston Formation, Turrallo Suite, Wuuluman Suite, Heathcote Volcanic Group, Narromine Igneous Complex, Copper Hill Suite, Brogans Creek Limestone Member, Woomargama Granite, Ginini Leucomonzogranite, Naghi Monzogranite, Watergums Monzogranite, Barracks Creek Monzogranite, Cloghnan Shale Member, Googong Monzogranite, Gilmore Hill Suite, Narraburra Complex, Mount Warrick Rhyolite, Mount Angus Granodiorite, Mount Emu Granodiorite, Marulan Supersuite, Bindook Group, Burnt Yards Basalt, Gidyen Volcanic Member, Henleigh Siltstone, Budhang Chert Member, Knowsley East Shale, Goldie Chert, Jamieson Volcanic Group, Gunnars Dam beds, Easter Monday Formation, felsic intrusives 73466, Glenelg River Metamorphic Complex - mafic intrusives, Nargoon Group - amphibolite, Phils Creek Formation, Jackalass Slate

Events: Kanimblan Orogeny, Tabberabberan Orogeny, Benambran Orogeny

Mineral Deposits: No data

Key Reference: Palfreyman, W.D. 1984, Guide to the Geology of Australia., Bureau of Mineral Resources, Australia. Bulletin, 181, 111p (Refid:45125)

Comments: Marine and continental sediments; acid to basic volcanics and intrusives; minor ultrabasic intrusives.

Overview: No data

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Other media: No data

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