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Drummond Basin

Entity ID: 20430 Compiled by: Palfreyman, W.D. Year: 1984 Status: Defined

Last Revised: 2013

Rank: province Type: sedimentary Subtype: undefined Location: QLD On-shore

Synonyms: NA Symbol: DmB

Minimum age: Carboniferous Age method:

Maximum age: Devonian Age method:

Summary: Basal Late Devonian shallow-marine sediments including minor tuff beds; overlain unconformably by Early Carboniferous fluvial and lacustrine sediments and acid volcanics. Acid volcanics, thickest in east. No metamorphism. Gentle folding becoming more intense adjacent to Lachlan Fold Belt inlier.

State: QLD
Country: AUS

Parent: No data

Child Provinces: No data

Overlies - Anakie Province
Underlies - Bowen Basin, Galilee Basin

Constituent units: Scartwater Formation, Coolon Andesite, Sedgeford Formation, Smedley Dacite, Arundel Rhyolite, Roscow Granite, Percy Douglas Granodiorite, Telemon Formation, Llanarth Volcanic Member, Ducabrook Formation, Star of Hope Formation, Suttor Formation, Southern Cross Formation, Campaspe Formation, Dunstable Volcanics, Bulliwallah Formation, Withersfield Quartz Syenite, Vera-Nancy Volcanics, Natal Formation, Mount Rankin Formation, Mount Hall Formation, Saint Anns Formation, Mount Coolon Andesite, Mount Wyatt Formation, Silver Hills Volcanics, Bimurra Volcanics, Raymond Sandstone

Events: Middle-Late Devonian rifting, Early to Middle Carboniferous subsidence, Alice Springs Orogeny (mid Carboniferous phase), Carboniferous epithermal mineralisation, Kennedy Province magmatism - Drummond Basin, Hunter-Bowen Orogeny

Mineral Deposits: Wirralie, Twin Hills, Mount Coolon, Yandan, Pajingo

Key Reference: Palfreyman, W.D. 1984, Guide to the Geology of Australia., Bureau of Mineral Resources, Australia. Bulletin, 181, 111p (Refid:45125)

Comments: Marine and continental sediments; minor volcanics; maximum thickness about 13 000 m.

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