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Macquarie Igneous Province

Entity ID: 20534 Compiled by: Liu, S.F. and Bain, J.H.C. Year: 2002 Status: Defined

Last Revised: 2015

Rank: province Type: igneous Subtype: mixed intrusive/extrusive Location: NSW On-shore

Synonyms: Macquarie Arc Symbol: NA

Minimum age: Late Ordovician Age method: biozone

Maximum age: Early Ordovician Age method: inferred, biostratigraphic correlation

Summary: The Macquarie Igneous Province contains largely mafic to intermediate volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks and some ultramafic volcanic and intrusive rocks formed in a subduction-related island arc environment in central New South Wales during the Ordovician. The province is economically important for intrusive-related copper-gold and epithermal mineralisation.

State: NSW
Resources: Copper
porphyry copper-gold
Resources: Gold
vein and porphyry-related gold-copper
Country: AUS
Igneous crystalline rocks - volcanic: andesitic
Igneous crystalline rocks - volcanic: basaltic
Mafic composition: calc-alkaline
Mafic composition: M (mantle)
Mafic composition: shoshonite

Parent: No data

Child Provinces: No data

Underlies - Surat Basin, Sydney Basin

Constituent units: Raggatt Volcanics, Cabonne Group, Currumburrama Volcanics, Gidginbung Volcanics, Grogan Volcanics, Temora Volcanics, Kenilworth Group, Junawarra Volcanics, Lake Cowal Volcanic Complex, Narragudgil Volcanics, Northparkes Volcanic Group, Narromine Igneous Complex

Events: Benambran Orogeny

Mineral Deposits: Lucknow, Lucky Draw, Peak Hill (Cu, Au), Northparkes, Cargo, Mitchells Creek, Sofala-Wattle Flat, Sheahan-Grants, Cadia Hill

Key Reference: Glen, R.A., Korsch, R.J., Direen, N.G., Jones, L.E.A., Johnstone, D.W., Lawrie, K.C., Finlayson, D.M., Shaw, R.D. 2002, Crustal structure of the Ordovician Macquarie Arc, Eastern Lachlan Orogen, based on seismic-reflection profiling, Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 49 (2), p323-348 (Refid:24007)

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