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Roebuck Basin

Entity ID: 22196 Compiled by: Miyazaki, S. Year: 2002 Status: Defined

Last Revised: 2015

Rank: province Type: sedimentary Subtype: polyhistory Location: WA Off-shore

Synonyms: Canning Basin (part), Western Canning Basin (part), Offshore Canning Basin (part), Rowley Depression Symbol: NA

Minimum age: Holocene Age method: inferred

Maximum age: Pennsylvanian Age method: inferred, seismic interpretation

Summary: The Roebuck Basin is located on the North West Shelf between the Northern Carnarvon and Browse basins, and comprises the Bedout and Rowley sub-basins. It forms the central part of the Westralian Superbasins and contains a Late Paleozoic-Cenozoic succession.

Area (square kilometres): 92660
State: WA
Minimum present water depth (m): 0
Maximum present water depth (m): 5000
Main rock types: siliciclastic sediments and sedimentary rocks
Main rock types: carbonate sediments and sedimentary rocks
Main depositional environment: marine and non-marine
Maximum sediment thickness (m): 10000
Present crustal setting: continental
Country: AUS

Parent: No data

Child Provinces: Rowley Sub-basin, Bedout Sub-basin

Adjoins - Beagle Sub-basin, Browse Basin [northeast boundary], Canning Basin [southeast boundary], Exmouth Plateau, Northern Carnarvon Basin [west boundary]

Constituent units: Dingo Claystone, Gearle Siltstone, Grant Group, Keraudren Formation, Locker Shale, Miria Formation, Muderong Shale, Toolonga Calcilutite, Bedout Volcanics, Calypso Formation, Cossigny Member, Egret Formation, Forestier Claystone, Withnell Formation, Anderson Formation, Liveringa Group, Noonkanbah Formation, Poole Sandstone, Depuch Formation, Bedout Formation, Mermaid Formation, Grant Group, Upper, Nelson Rocks Formation, Rowley Volcanics

Events: No data

Mineral Deposits: No data

Key Reference: Smith, S.A., Tingate, P.R., Griffiths, C.M., Hull, J.N.F. 1999, The structural development and petroleum potential of the Roebuck Basin, APPEA Journal, 39(1), 364-385 (Refid:13255)

Comments: No data

Overview: The Roebuck Basin is located on the North West Shelf between the Northern Carnarvon and Browse basins, and comprises the Bedout and Rowley sub-basins. Inboard parts of the basin overlie the offshore continuation of the Canning Basin. A key structural feature of the Roebuck Basin is a series of deformed basement highs, the Bedout and Oobagooma highs, which mark the inboard boundary of the Rowley Sub-basin. The Roebuck Basin forms the central element of the Westralian Superbasin, which developed as a result of multiple phases of rifting and thermal subsidence. Initiation of the Westralian Superbasin in the Pennsylvanian (late Carboniferous) was characterised by northwest¿southeast extension related to the separation of the Sibumasu terrane from Gondwana. Following the initial rifting phase, a period of thermal subsidence in the Triassic to Early Jurassic resulted in the deposition of transgressive marine and fluvio-deltaic successions. During the late Permian to Early Jurassic, deposition was punctuated by a series of northwest-southeast transpressional events (Bedout and Fitzroy movements) that were focused along the margins of the sub-basins. Continental breakup in the Callovian breakup resulted in a phase of regional uplift and erosion. Upper Jurassic to Upper Cretaceous sediments grade into thick and prograding Cenozoic carbonates. By North West Shelf standards the Roebuck Basin is poorly explored, however gas (Phoenix 1) and oil discoveries (Phoenix South 1) in the Bedout Sub-basin provide evidence of working petroleum systems. Although thick, marine Upper Jurassic source rocks do not appear to be well developed, there is potential for Triassic and older source rocks in the basin.

Images: Roebuck Basin structural elements and cross-section location map (68 KB), Roebuck Basin chronostratigraphic chart (161 KB), Roebuck Basin regional cross-section Profile 120-03 (part) (226 KB)

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