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Faust Basin

Entity ID: 34864 Compiled by: Taubert, S. Year: 2003 Status: Informal

Last Revised: 2013

Rank: province Type: sedimentary Subtype: rift Location: NSW, QLD Off-shore

Synonyms: NA Symbol: NA

Minimum age: Cenozoic Age method: inferred, seismic interpretation

Maximum age: Late Cretaceous Age method: inferred, seismic interpretation

Summary: The Late Cretaceous to Cainozoic Faust Basin is a remote offshore frontier basin containing about 1500 to 3000 m of sediments, in water depths ranging from 1500 to 2000 m.

Area (square kilometres): 84200
State: NSW
State: QLD
Minimum present water depth (m): 1500
Maximum present water depth (m): 2000
Main rock types: sediments and sedimentary rocks with volcaniclastic debris
Main depositional environment: marine and non-marine
Minimum sediment thickness (m): 1500
Maximum sediment thickness (m): 3000
Country: AUS
Country: FRA

Parent: No data

Child Provinces: No data

Adjoins - Capel Basin, Gower Basin, Lord Howe Platform

Constituent units:

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Mineral Deposits: No data

Key Reference: Van de Beuque, S., Stagg, H., Sayers, J., AGSO Law of the Sea Group. Geological framework of the northern Lord Howe Rise and adjacent basins, Australian Geological Survey Organisation, Record 2001, (in press), 2001, (Refid:12678)

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Overview: The Late Cretaceous to Cainozoic Faust Basin is a remote, offshore, frontier basin located about 750 km off the east coast of Australia. The basin forms part of the Central Rift Province of the Lord Howe Rise and contains approximately 1500 to 3000 m of sediments, in water depths ranging from 1500 to 2000 m. The Central Rift Province is characterised by a series of basement blocks generally down-faulted to the west. The average basement depth is about 3 seconds two-way time, which is about 1 second two-way time deeper than beneath the planated basement to the east. This indicates greater crustal thinning beneath the Central Rift Province. The stratigraphy of the Faust Basin is interpolated from DSDP Site 587, located in the northern part of the Lord Howe Rise. Although this site is not directly located within the Faust Basin, it does provide some stratigraphic control to the north. Within the Central Rift Province, the tops of the basement blocks are typically poorly defined, even where the overlying sedimentary cover is relatively thin. However, in the Faust Basin the basement blocks are better defined and the syn-rift sediments are generally more stratified than the rest of the Central Rift Province, suggesting less influence of syn-rift volcanism. Cretaceous sequences overly the basement and corresponds to the breakup period and the first post-breakup section. Overlying the Cretaceous sequences is a very thin Lower Eocene/Oligocene section (less than 0.05 seconds two-way time) and a post-Oligocene section. The post-Oligocene section is present across the entire Lord Howe Rise and thickens westwards into the Central Rift Province, and eastwards into the New Caledonia Basin. The petroleum potential of the Faust Basin is speculative due to its frontier nature, however, oil seeps identified in the vicinity of the basin indicate a possibility of hydrocarbon generation.

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