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Norfolk Ridge

Entity ID: 34865 Compiled by: Burch, G. Year: 2003 Status: Informal

Last Revised: 2013

Rank: province Type: sedimentary Subtype: rift Location: Territory of Norfolk Island On-shore and off-shore

Synonyms: NA Symbol: NA

Minimum age: Recent Age method: inferred, seismic interpretation

Maximum age: Late Cretaceous Age method: inferred, seismic interpretation

Summary: The Recent to Late Cretaceous-age Norfolk Ridge is located about 1300 km off the east coast of Australia in water depths ranging from 0 to 2000 metres.

Area (square kilometres): 99000
State: Territory of Norfolk Island
Minimum present water depth (m): 0
Maximum present water depth (m): 2000
Minimum sediment thickness (m): 0
Maximum sediment thickness (m): 3000
Country: AUS
Country: FRA

Parent: No data

Child Provinces: No data

Adjoins - New Caledonia Basin

Constituent units:

Events: No data

Mineral Deposits: No data

Key Reference: Hill, P.J. 1993, N/O L'Atalante swath-bathymetry and geophysical survey of the Norfolk Ridge and Vening-Meinesz Fracture Zone, October 1993, Australian Geological Survey Organisation. Record, 1993/85, (Refid:13646)

Comments: No data

Overview: The Norfolk Ridge is a north-south trending structural high located about 1300 km off the east coast of Australia in water depths of 0 to 2000 m. Relatively little is known about the geology of the Norfolk Ridge. The ridge is a steep sided, narrow and elongate feature (1000 km long and 70 km wide), characterised by horst and graben structures containing up to 3000 m of basin fill. It deepens and widens to the south where it is presently covered by carbonate deposits. The Norfolk Ridge is dextrally offset from the West Norfolk Ridge in the south by the Vening - Meinesz Fracture Zone. The crestal relief of both the Norfolk Ridge and the West Norfolk Ridge is more rugged than that of the Lord Howe Rise.

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