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Couedic Shelf

Entity ID: 34876 Compiled by: Bradshaw, B.E. Year: 2003 Status: Defined

Last Revised: 2013

Rank: subprovince Type: sedimentary Subtype: polyhistory Location: SA Off-shore

Synonyms: NA Symbol: NA

Minimum age: Cretaceous Age method: inferred

Maximum age: Cretaceous Age method: inferred

Summary: The Couedic Shelf is a new sub-division of the Bight Basin comprising a thin Cretaceous continental platform cover of predominantly siliciclastic marine and non-marine sedimentary rocks that extends for about 160 km along the continental shelf east of the Duntroon Sub-basin.

Area (square kilometres): 2000
State: SA
Minimum present water depth (m): 50
Maximum present water depth (m): 2000
Main rock types: siliciclastic sediments and sedimentary rocks
Maximum sediment thickness (m): 1000
estimated thickness, overlain by ~1000m of Tertiary strata
Present crustal setting: continental
Country: AUS

Parent: Bight Basin

Child Provinces: No data

Adjoins - Ceduna Sub-basin, Duntroon Sub-basin, Otway Basin
Underlies - Eucla Basin

Constituent units:

Events: No data

Mineral Deposits: No data

Key Reference: Bradshaw, B.E., Rollet, N., Totterdell, J.M., Borissova, I. 2003, A revised structural framework for frontier basins on the southern and southwestern Australian continental margin., Geoscience Australia. Record, 2003/03, 44 (Refid:13490)

Comments: No data

Overview: No data

Images: Eastern Bight Basin structural elements and cross-section location map (82 KB)

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