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Pilbara Craton

Entity ID: 464203 Compiled by: Stewart, A.J. Year: 2009 Status: Defined

Last Revised: 2015

Rank: superprovince Type: tectonic Subtype: craton Location: WA On-shore and off-shore

Synonyms: NA Symbol: NA

Minimum age: Mesoarchean, 2830 ± 0 Ma Age method: isotopic, U/Pb

Maximum age: Eoarchean, 3800 ± 0 Ma Age method: isotopic, U/Pb

Summary: The Pilbara Craton is a major Archean granite-greenstone terrance of northwestern Western Australia, containing some of the oldest rocks on Earth. The craton hosts precious and base metal mineral deposits, and is overlain by the the iron-ore-bearing sedimentary rocks of the Fortescue and Hamersley Basins.

Area (square kilometres): 60000
State: WA
Resources: Gold
One deposit >10 t Au (Bamboo Creek), several 1-10 t Au, several < 1t Au. Ag in some also.
Resources: Copper
Two deposits > 100,000 t Cu, one deposit 10,0000 - 100,000 t Cu, several deposits < 10,000 t Cu.
Resources: Barium
Two major deposits
Resources: Zinc
Salt Creek deposit 10,000 t - 100,000 t Zn.
Resources: Nickel
Two deposits Sherlock Bay > 50, 000 t Ni, Mt Sholl 10,000 t - 50,000 t Ni.
Resources: Tin
One deposit 1,000 t - 10,000 t Sn, several deposits < 1,000 t Sn; Ta in some deposits
Country: AUS

Parent: No data

Child Provinces: Sylvania Dome

Adjoins - Hamersley Basin [Fault contact at lat. -22.62, long. 120.63, and at lat. -23.38, long 120.03.]
Is intruded by - Warakurna Large Igneous Province
Underlies - Canning Basin, Edmund Basin, Fortescue Basin, Northern Carnarvon Basin, Officer Basin

Constituent units: Boobina Porphyry, Cistern Formation, Cleaverville Formation, Constantine Sandstone, Croydon Group, Duffer Formation, Fortescue Group, Hamersley Group, Mosquito Creek Formation, Mount Bruce Supergroup, North Star Basalt, Paddy Market Formation, Panorama Formation, Pilbara Supergroup, Salgash Subgroup, Talga Talga Subgroup, Warrawoona Group, Bonney Downs Granite, Roebourne Group, Apex Basalt, Budjan Creek Formation, McPhee Formation, Mount Ada Basalt, Wyman Formation, Gorge Creek Group, Metawandy Granite, Honeyeater Basalt, Marble Bar Chert Member, Corboy Formation, Warrie Member, Whundo Group, Andover Intrusion, Karratha Granodiorite, Double Bar Formation, Kangaroo Caves Formation, Sulphur Springs Group, Kylena Formation, Poocatche Monzogranite, Minnamonica Monzogranite, Pilbara Creek Monzogranite, Meentheena Member, Woodstock Monzogranite, Abydos Monzogranite, Sherlock Intrusion, Golden Eagle Orthogneiss, Numbana Monzogranite, Carlindi Granitic Complex, Mingah Member, Chinaman Pool Chert Member, Mopoke Member, Bonney Downs Monzogranite, Indee Suite, Pincunah Monzogranite, Pear Creek Formation, Gillam Monzogranite, Coondamar Formation, Split Rock Supersuite, Sisters Supersuite, Flying Foam Suite, Coongan Subgroup, De Grey Supergroup, Kelly Group, Nullagine Group, Portree Suite, Soanesville Group, Yareweeree Boninite Member, Homeward Bound Granite, Shaw Granitic Complex, Corunna Downs Granitic Complex, Gregory Range Suite, Cookes Creek Monzogranite, Dampier Granitic Complex, Harding Granitic Complex, Satirist Monzogranite, Cherratta Granitic Complex, Strelley Pool Formation, Razorback Chert, Warrawoona Group - basalt, Yule Granitic Complex, Yilgalong Granitic Complex, Kurrana Granitic Complex, Port Robinson Basalt, Munni Munni intrusion, Pincunah Banded-Iron Member, Caines Monzogranite, Erramurra Monzogranite

Events: East Pilbara Stages 1-2, East Pilbara Stage 3, East Pilbara Stage 4, East and West Pilbara Stage 5 (Prinsep Orogeny), East and West Pilbara Stage 6, East and West Pilbara Stage 7, East and West Pilbara Stage 8, East and West Pilbara Stage 9, East and West Pilbara Stage 10, East and West Pilbara Stage 11, East and West Pilbara Stage 12

Mineral Deposits: Whim Creek, Mount Sholl, Kennedy Gap, Munni Munni, Zakanaka, Juna Lockyer, Salt Creek, Sunrise Hill, Mickeys Find, Rocklea, Spinifex Ridge, Mons Cupri, Bernts, Nimingarra, Yarrie_NIM (Mt Goldsworthy JV Northern - BHP), Mickeys Find East, Shay Gap, Barton - Nullagine, Ord Range, Quartz Circle, Ministers North, Shearers, Pilbara, Christmas Creek, Camel 2, Cattle Gorge, Breens, Tabba Tabba, Friendly Creek, Indee, Coondiner HD4 East, Blue Spec, Marble Bar, Whundo, Moolyella, Toweranna, Andover, Wodgina, Sulphur Springs, Pilgangoora, Kalgan Creek East, Big Stubby, Carlow Castle, Euro - Marble Bar, All Nations, Mount Goldsworthy, Roy Hill, Fieldings Gully, Elizabeth Hill (Munni Munni), Claytons Hammer, Mount York (Lynas Find), Golden Eagle - Nullagine, Nimingarra, Pinarra Well, Lynas Find, Weld Range (Midwest Corp), Ruth Well, Kangaroo Caves, Mickey's Find Southern, Sherlock Bay, Radio Hill, Cundaline Gap, Roe, Pamelia HD6, Bamboo Creek, Shaw River Mining Centre, Lennons Find, Chichester Hub - Others Group - FMG, Chichester Hub - Cloudbreak Christmas Creek (FMG), Coobina, Mount York, Camel 1, Calvert, Withnell, Mindy Mindy, Cane River, Balmoral Central (Sino Iron), Hamersley Iron - Brockman No 2, Boolgeeda Creek, McPhee Creek (Atlas Iron), Panorama, Cape Lambert Magnetite (MCC), Golden Gate - Nullagine, Wingina Well, Lalla Rookh, Hamersley Iron - Brockman No 4, Gambols, Otways, Pardoo-Ridley (Atlas Iron), Balmoral Southern Block (Australasian Resources Ltd), White Knight, Little Wonder - MML, Condor - Nullagine, Falcon - Nullagine, Harrier - Nullagine, Phils Creek (Mineral Resources ), Wiluna West Hematite (Golden West), West Pilbara IronOre_Stage1(API_JV), Balla Balla, Abydos (Atlas Iron), Kings (Solomon - FMG), Marillana Iron Ore (Brockman Mining), Pardoo Highway (Ni Cu), Caliwingina North, Hope Downs 5,6, Nullagine Iron, Davidson Creek (FerrAus-Atlas), Yalleen (Helix Resources), Western Creek (Giralia Resources), Railway, Rocklea - Pilbara Iron, Jimblebar (Atlas Iron), Wonmunna Iron Ore (Ascot Resoruces), Hamersley Iron - Western Turner Syncline, Anthiby Well, Iron Valley (BC Iron), Mount Oscar (Artemis Resources), Pilbara (Flinders), Wodgina ( Atlas Iron), Mount Webber (Atlas Iron), Turner River (Atlas Iron), Daltons (Mount Webber-Atlas JV Hoama), Caramulla South (Atlas), Cookes Creek - Big Hill, Crow, Golden Gate - G reef, Evelyn (Liberty-Indee), Nullagine Au 81, Klondyke Queen, Klondyke King, Turee Syncline Iron Ore, Koodaideri South (Hamersley Iron), Boundary (IOH), Bungaroo South - Western Pilbara Hub (IOH), Extension, Prairie Downs_Spearhole (Dynasty Metals), Golden Spec, Green Spec, Warrawanda (Atlas), Western Creek (Atlas), Mount Dove (Atlas Iron), Iron Bridge-North Star-Glacier Valley (FMG), Poondano (Process Minerals Int.), Bellary Springs, Cubana Well, Spinifex Ridge - hematite (Moly Mines Ltd), Copenhagen, McCameys North, Fingers, Mirrin Mirrin, North Marillana -South (Australian Aboriginal Corp)), Lamb Creek (Mineral Resources), Maitland River (BC Iron), Hamersley Iron Ore - (Winmar & Cazaly), Buckland Hills, Nyidinghu ( FMG), Buckland-West Pilbara- (BC Iron), Yandicoogina south, Mount Alexander Magnetite (Zenith Minerals), Pilbara Iron Ore (Flinders Mines), Mount Stuart -Catho Well (Cullen & Aquila), Solomon Hub -FMG, Eliwana, Sheila Valley, Eliwanna (Western Hub - FMG), Flying Fish, DID (Western Hub - FMG, Mount Macleod (Solomon - FMG), Valley of the Queens (Solomon - FMG), McCamey's North (Atlas - SE Pilbara), Hercules - Wodgina (Atlas Iron), Discovery - Orchard Well, Orchard Tank, Roscoe's Reward, Red Spec, Weerianna, Bibra, Miaree magnetite, Hickman (Atlas Iron), Junction - Nullagine, Amanda

Key Reference: Hickman, A.H., Van Kranendonk, M.J. 2008, Archean crustal evolution and mineralization of the northern Pilbara Craton - a field guide., Geological Survey of Western Australia. Record, 2008/13, 79p (Refid:64642)

Comments: 3800 Ma dates are detrital and xenocrystic zircons and Nd model ages on granites. The oldest stratigraphic unit in greenstones is 3525 Ma. Minimum age is U-Pb zircon date on the Split Rock Supersuite.

Overview: The Pilbara Craton comprises six components: (1) Early crust (3800-3530 Ma) inferred mainly from geochronological data, some rare exposures. (2) The East Pilbara Terrane, which ranges in stratigarphic age from 3525 to 3165 Ma and consists of four volcano-sedimentary groups and one formation. The Warrawoona Group consists of basalt with lesser felsic volcanic and sedimentary rocks. It includes the Strelley Pool Formation, which is a carbonate-siliciclastic unit with early Archean stromatolite and microbial fossils. The Kelly Group consists of mafic, ultramafic,and felsic volcanic rocks and local siliciclastic rocks and chert. The Sulphur Springs Group consists of volcanic rocks (ultramafic, mafic, and felsic) and siliciclastic sedimentary rocks. The Soanesville Group consists of clastics, banded iron formation, basalt, and ultramafic and mafic sills. The greenstones surround ovoid granitic complexes of five supersuites (Callina, Tambina, Emu Pool, Cleland, and Mount Billroth) that evolved contemporaneously with deposition of the felsic volcanic component of the greenstones. Granite of a sixth supersuite (Elizabeth Hill) formed during collision at ~3070 Ma of the East Pilbara Terrane and West Pilbara Superterrane. Three more granite supersuites (Sisters, Cutinduna, and Split Rock) were emplaced at 2945-2830 Ma. The earliest granites formed by melting of a mafic parent, whereas the later granites formed by melting and recycling of felsic crust. (3) The West Pilbara Superterrane, with an stratigraphic age range of 3270-3060 Ma, consists of three granite-greenstone terranes. The Karratha Terrane comprises the Roeburne Group (ultramafic, mafic, and felsic volcanic rocks), which is intruded by the Karratha Granodiorite and by granites of the Maitland River and Orpheus Supersuites. The Sholl Terrane comprises the Whundo Group (mafic, ultramafic, and felsic volcanic rocks and thin sedimentary units) and Railway Supersuite. The Regal Terrane (~3200-~3000 Ma) is a slab of basalt, peridotite and chert that may have been obducted from the ocean floor over the Karratha Terrane. The Elizabeth Hill Supersuite (~3070 Ma) intrudes both East Pilbara Terrane and West Pilbara Superterrane. (4) The Kurrana Terrane, which is located in southeastern part of the exposed craton has a total age range of 3200-2895 Ma, and consists of two granitic supersuites and minor greenstone. (5) The De Grey Superbasin, with a stratigraphic age range of 3020-2930 Ma, consists of five sedimentary basins (including two major basins - Mallina and Mosquito Creek) that are filled with sedimentary and volcanic rocks of the De Grey Supergroup. This unit unconformably overlies the West Pilbara Superterrane and East Pilbara Terrane. The supergroup comprises four groups: the Gorge Creek Group, which was deposited across both East Pilbara Terrane and West Pilbara Superterrane, the Whim Creek Group along the southeast margin of the West Pilbara Superterrane, the Croydon Group, which is developed between the East Pilbara Terrane and the West Pilbara Superterrane, and the Nullagine Group in the southeast between East Pilbara and Kurrana terranes. Four granitic supersuites (Orpheus, Maitland River, Sisters, and Cutinduna) were emplaced into the Pilbara Craton during De Grey deposition, and were followed by Split Rock Supersuite - late fractionated granites.

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