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Pine Creek Orogen

Entity ID: 512263 Compiled by: Stewart, A.J. Year: 2009 Status: Defined

Last Revised: 2015

Rank: province Type: tectonic Subtype: orogen/fold belt Location: NT On-shore and off-shore

Synonyms: NA Symbol: NA

Minimum age: Paleoproterozoic, 1813 ± 3 Ma Age method: isotopic, U/Pb-Pb/Pb ion probe

Maximum age: Archean, 2674 ± 0 Ma Age method: isotopic, U/Pb ion probe

Summary: The Pine Creek Orogen forms the Archean to Paleoproterozoic basement to the northern part of the Northern Territory.

State: NT
Resources: Tin
Resources: Gold
Resources: Silver
Resources: Zinc
Resources: Uranium
World class deposits
Resources: Tantalum
Resources: Tungsten
Resources: Platinum group elements
Resources: Nickel
Resources: Cobalt
Country: AUS

Parent: No data

Child Provinces: No data

Underlies - Arafura Basin [Unconformably], Birrindudu Basin, Bonaparte Basin [Unconformably], Daly Basin, Darwin Shelf, McArthur Basin [Unconformably], Money Shoal Basin [Unconformably]

Constituent units: Acacia Gap Quartzite Member, Allia Creek Granite, Berinka Volcanics, Bludells Dolerite, Burrell Creek Formation, Chilling Sandstone, Coronation Sandstone, Edith River Group, Finniss River Group, Fish Billabong Adamellite, Grace Creek Granite, Hermit Creek Metamorphics, Kakadu Group, Koolendong Granite, Kurrundie Sandstone, Malone Creek Granite, Margaret Granite, Masson Formation, Minglo Granite, Mount Basedow Gneiss, Mount Hooper Sandstone, Mount Partridge Group, Nabarlek Granite, Namoona Group, Oenpelli Dolerite (Now (2012) believed to intrude Kombolgie Subgroup, McArthur Basin, so not part of PCO.), Phillips Creek Sandstone, Plum Tree Creek Volcanics, Pul Pul Rhyolite, Rum Jungle Complex, South Alligator Group, Stag Creek Volcanics, Ti-Tree Granophyre, Tin Camp Granite, Umbrawarra Leucogranite, Welltree Metamorphics (replaced Well Tree Metamorphics (30490)), Fingerpost Granodiorite, Frances Creek Leucogranite, Lewin Springs Syenite, McCarthys Granite, McMinns Bluff Granite, Nourlangie Schist, Wildman Siltstone, Yenberrie Leucogranite, El Sherana Group, Fenton Granite, Fog Bay Metamorphics, Koolpinyah Dolomite, Murrenja Dolerite, Shoobridge Granite, Two Sisters Granite, Whites Formation, Dirty Water Metamorphics (replaced Dirty Water metamorphics (5529)), Jammine Granite, Wangi Basics (Wangi basics subdivided into Woolianna Gabbro, Benning Gabbro, Keri Metamorphics, Lilyarba Mafics), Warrs Volcanic Member, Woolner Granite, Cahill Formation, Koolpin Formation, Manton Group, Nimbuwah Complex, Reynolds River Granite, Meeway Volcanics, Beestons Formation, Burnside Granite, Hindrance Creek Sandstone, McKinlay Granite, Murra-Kamangee Granodiorite, Allamber Springs Granite, Driffield Granite, Saunders Granite, Tennysons Leucogranite, Mount Bonnie Formation, Mount Shepherd Rhyolite Member, Tollis Formation, Zamu Dolerite, Myra Falls Metamorphics (name 'Myra Falls Metamorphics' abandoned (2009)), Tabletop Granite, Bonrook Granite, Mulluk Mulluk Volcanic Member, Mount Deane Volcanic Member, Sweets Member, Mount Litchfield Granite, Mundogie Sandstone, Nanambu Complex, Crater Formation, Gerowie Tuff, Munmarlary Quartzite, Douglas Granite, Fanny Rhyolite Member, Cullen Supersuite (replaced Cullen Granite Complex (4988)), Jim Jim Suite, Wagait Suite, Tennysons Suite, Shoobridge Suite, Saunders Suite, McMinns Bluff Suite, Margaret Suite, Fingerpost Suite, Burnside Suite, Allamber Springs Suite, Geolsec Formation, Stanley Metamorphics, Allia Creek Suite, Coomalie Dolostone, Celia Dolostone, Minglo Granite - phase 1, Minglo Granite - phase 2, Grace Creek Granite - phase 1, Grace Creek Granite - phase 2, Grace Creek Granite - phase 3, Grace Creek Granite - phase 4, Malone Creek Granite - phase 1, Malone Creek Granite - phase 2, Malone Creek Granite - phase 3, Allamber Springs Granite - phase 1, Allamber Springs Granite - phase 2, Allamber Springs Granite - phase 3, Nimbuwah Complex - migmatite, Cosmo Supergroup, Woodcutters Supergroup, mylonite 73074, mafic metamorphic rocks 74337, Koolpinyah Dolostone, Kukalak Gneiss, Arrarra Gneiss, Njibinjibinj Gneiss, Woolianna Gabbro, Keri Metamorphics, Lilyarba Mafics, Benning Gabbro, Caramal Amphibolite, Birraduk Amphibolite, Culaly Amphibolite, Namarrkon Amphibolite, Ranger Pegmatite (Ranger pegmatite used in Geology and mineral resources of the Northern Territory), Galiwinku Dolerite, McMinns Suite, Mount Bundey Suite, Pine Creek Orogen - moderately magnetic rocks 79895, Pine Creek Orogen - strongly magnetic rocks 79913, Pine Creek Orogen - sediments and volcanics 79921, Pine Creek Orogen - weakly magnetic rocks 79930, Pine Creek Orogen - sediments 79937, Dirty Water Metamorphics - magnetite, quartzite, Mount Partridge Group - hornfels, felsic volcanics 80200

Events: Pine Creek Orogen Stage 1, Pine Creek Orogen Stage 2, Pine Creek Orogen Stage 3, Pine Creek Orogen Stage 4, Pine Creek Orogen Stage 5

Mineral Deposits: Goodall, Hades Flat, Koolpin East, Woolgni, Bynoe Area, Pine Creek, Ranger, Orchid Gully, Chinese South, Palette, Scinto Camp, Palette No.3, Coronation Hill Southwest, Spring Hill, Copperflower, El Sherana West, Stockpile No.2, Scinto 1, No.2 Adit, Palette No.6, Howley Ridge, Moline, Flying Fox, Saddle Ridge South, Maud Creek, El Sherana, Chinese Howley, Stag Creek, Bon's Rush, Koongarra, White's, Skull, Sleisbeck, Gubberah Gossan, Frances Creek, Bridge Creek, Brocks Creek, Howley, Fountain Head, Airstrip 9200NW, Scinto 5 South, Cliff Face, Saddle Ridge, Rum Jungle Creek South, Mount Shoobridge, Saddle Ridge East Extended, Yam Creek, Palette No.5 Adit, Palette No.4 Adit, Pul Pul Hill North, Mount Tymn, Skull 2, Union Reefs, Airstrip Northeast Anomaly, Charvats, Pul Pul Hill South, Mount Porter, Jabiluka, Mount Fitch, Mount Wells, Sikonos, Kazi, Coronation Hill, Woodcutters, Mount Bundey, Zapopan, Quest 29, Toms Gully, Scinto 6, Western Arm, Mount Bonnie, Stockpile No.1, Rustlers Roost, Monolith, Saddle Ridge East, Rising Tide, Scinto 5 North, South Alligator Fault, Glencoe, Batman, Sundance, Koolpin Creek, Palette No.2, Palette No.7, Evelyn Mine, Woolwonga, Rockhole-Teagues, High Road, Rhodes, Mount Burton, Ranger 68, Airstrip 9600NW, Scinto 1, No.1 Adit, Princess Louise, Cosmo Howley, Adelaide River, Palms, Saddle Ridge Northeast, Browns, Iron Blow, Airstrip, El Sherana East, Clear Springs, Ios, Dyson's, Nabarlek, El Sherana North, Daly River, Kohinoor, Czarina, Esmeralda, International, Enterprise, Gandys, Prospect Claim, Caramal, Kylie, Dam, Fleur de Lys, George Creek, Twin, Davies, Mottrams, Cleos, Thunderball, North Point, Tally Ho (Burnside), Millars/Big Tree/PingQue, Cox, Ranger 4

Key Reference: Worden, K.E., Carson, C.J., Scrimgeour, I., Lally, J., Doyle, N. 2008, A revised Palaeoproterozoic chronostratigraphy for the Pine Creek Orogen, northern Australia: evidence from SHRIMP U-Pb zircon geochronology, Precambrian Research, 166(1-4), 122-144 (Refid:64730)

Comments: Maxage from zircon in Woolner Granite (Hollis et al., 2011, NTGS Rec. 2011-003, 18-25). Minage no older than metamorphic biotite date of 1813 Ma in Well Tree Metamorphics of Litchfield Province (Carson et al., 2008, Prec. Resear. 166, 145-167).

Overview: Note: geology in this overview is summarised from Worden et al. 2008, Precambrian Research, v.166, 122-144, but the dates in this overview are from Hollis et al., 2011, NTGS record 2011-003, p. 18-25). The Pine Creek Orogen comprises three domains containing a succession of clastic, volcanogenic, carbonaceous, and carbonate sedimentary rocks that were deposited on Neoarchean to Paleoproterozoic basement. The sedimentary rocks were deformed, metamorphosed, and intruded by syn- to post-tectonic granitic and mafic rocks. The orogen is Au-rich, and also has Ag-Zn, Sn, Ta, W, PGE, Ni, Co, and major U deposits. The Litchfield Province in the W is a N-trending belt of amphibolite- to granulite-facies metasedimentary rocks and granites, and appears to be a N extension of the Halls Creek orogen; metamorphism of Hermit Creek Metamorphics is dated at 1855 Ma (Hollis et al, 2011, NTGS record 2011-003, p. 23). The Central Domain is composed of greenschist-facies Paleoproterozoic metasedimentary rocks (2021-1861 Ma) intruded by post-tectonic granite plutons and minor mafic rocks; domes of Archean rocks are exposed in the NW. The Nimbuwah Domain comprises amphibolite- to granulite-facies rocks including Archean basement (2671-2510 Ma) and Paleoproterozoic metasedimentary rocks, migmatite, gneiss, and granitic plutons (1886-1860 Ma); the metamorphism is preliminarily dated at 1853 Ma). Basement rocks below the Paleoproterozoic metasedimentary rocks comprise: The Rum Jungle Complex (2545-2521 Ma) in the NW, composed of granitic rocks with minor metasedimentary rocks and iron-formations of the Stanley Metamorphics; The Woolner Granite and unconformably overlying Dirty Water Metamorphics beneath Cretaceous cover east of Darwin; and The Nanambu Complex dated at ~2671-2510 Ma in the NE. Granitic rocks intruded the orogen at: In Basement: 2674 Ma - Woolner Granite; 2545-2520 Ma - Rum Jungle granites; 2671-2510 Ma - Nanambu Complex granites Into the metasedimentary rocks: 1886-1860 Ma - Nimbuwah granites; 1850-1840 Ma - Litchfield Complex granites; 1847 - Ranger Pegmatite; 1835-1775 Ma - Cullen Batholith in Central Domain. Minimum age of Pine Creek Orogen best given by as yet undetermined age of emplacement of Oenpelli Dolerite, which intrudes Kombolgie Subgroup, which unconformably overlies the orogen. The oft-quoted date of 1723 Ma for the Oenpelli Dolerite now known to be on a rock geochemically different from, and hence not part of, the Oenpelli Dolerite (Hollis et al, 2011, NTGS Rec 2011-003, p. 23).

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