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Map of operating renewable energy generators in Australia

This site provides maps of operational renewable energy generators across Australia. A link is also provided to a map of proposed sites. The generators are classified by technology and can be viewed by clicking onto a spot on the map, and by requesting data about the facility by clicking the marker icon for that facility on the map. Raw data about all the generators can be viewed via CSV (tabular format) for sorting.

This webpage is managed and updated by Geoscience Australia. Information is based on data extracted from publicly available sources. Site last updated May 2012.

Type of data included:

The renewables webmap contains locations of Australian renewable power stations greater than 10kW installed capacity with information about fuel type, technology used, size (kW), ownership, latitude, longitude and data source. Links and site photographs are provided where possible. Help on using the mapping system is available. For detail about the data please refer to the metadata sheet.

Positional accuracy:

Most latitudes and longitudes were found in the National Mapping Gazetteer of Australia by reference to the locality name. The positions of power stations are not accurate and mostly represent the general locality of the power station. Where two or more power stations exist at the same locality they have been deliberately separated to prevent the points plotting on top of one another for at least the maximum zoom scale (1:350,000). Locations of power stations maybe more than 10 km from the actual site.

The data were assembled into this webmap by the Mineral Resources and Advice Group of Geoscience Australia. In developing this product Geoscience Australia has compiled information as received from other sources.


The material on this website is provided for general information only. Maps and images on this website are not intended for navigation or to precisely locate any particular feature. Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the quality and completeness of the data. Geoscience Australia has not undertaken any comprehensive check as to the accuracy or completeness of this externally supplied information Geoscience Australia cannot guarantee that the information is totally accurate or complete. Therefore you should not rely solely on this information when making a commercial decision.

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Contact Michael Sexton regarding the data compilation.

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