Help with using online maps

Moving around the map

The mapping system allows you to zoom in and out, and to pan around, the map of Australia. To zoom in and out, simply select either the zoom in or zoom out radio buttons. You can click the GO button to zoom in on the centre of your existing map, or you can click on a point on the map if you wish to zoom in or out centred on that point.

To pan the map, simply select the Same scale radio button. You can then click on the map at the point you wish to pan to.

Getting information about a renewable energy plant

In order to get information about a particular renewable energy plant, simply select the Plant information radio button, then click on the symbol representing the plant you are interested in.

You can move from the plant information page back to the mapping system by using your browser's back button, or by selecting from the Quick Key menu in the green sidebar at left of screen.

The following classes of renewable energy sites have been used for simplicity: