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Renewable Energy Electricity Generation Sites Metadata Sheet
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Screen Capture of the Renewable Energy Electricity Generation Sites webmap as at July 2004

Title Renewable Energy Electricity Generation Sites
Custodian Geoscience Australia
Jurisdiction Australia
Abstract The renewables webmap contains locations of Australian renewable power stations that are greater than 3kW. Each power station has such information as fuel type, technology used, size (kW), ownership, latitude and longitude and data source. Web links and site photographs are provided where possible. A download feature is provided for clients who want the base data.
Search Word(s) ENERGY Electricity
ENERGY Renewable
INDUSTRY Sustainability
Geographic Extent Name(s) Australia excluding external territories.
Data Currency
Beginning Date 01JAN1998
Ending Date Current
Dataset Status
Progress Planned
Maintenance and Update Frequency Bi-annually
Stored Data Format DIGITAL - ESRI Shapefile
Available Format Type DIGITAL - ESRI Shapefile, MS Excel Spreadsheet
Access Constraint See contact details below.
Data Quality

The data used in the webmap comes from many different sources, including:

  • Australian Wind Energy Association
  • Energy Supply Association of Australia
  • Renew Magazine (Alternative Technology Association)
  • Bioenergy Australia Newsletter
  • Company websites
  • Personal communications
  • Australian Financial Review (AFR)
  • The Australian

The original data was collected into an Excel spreadsheet during 1998 at the then Bureau of Resources Sciences (part of the Department of Primary Industries and Energy, Canberra). In 1999 the group responsible for the data transferred to the Geoscience Australia (part of the Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources, Canberra) and the original spreadsheet was used as the base for the creation of a renewable energy electricity generation sites Geographic Information System shapefile using ArcView3 software. Subsequently, freeware software (MapServer) was used to display this GIS shapefile in the final webmap product. The webmap is updated approximately every six months from changes compiled from site email responses, Geoscience Australia's daily scanning of the media and advice received from the Australian Greenhouse Office.

Positional Accuracy Most latitudes and longitudes were found in the National Mapping Gazetteer of Australia by reference to the locality name. The positions of power stations are not accurate and mostly represent the general locality of the power station. Where two or more power stations exist at the same locality they have been deliberately separated to prevent the points plotting on top of one another for at least the maximum zoom scale (1:350,000). Locations of power stations maybe more than 10kms from the actual site.
Attribute Accuracy Notwithstanding any undetected typographical errors, the information with the webmap is as accurate as that supplied in the source material.
Logical Consistency not applicable
Completeness Geoscience Australia cannot guarantee that the renewables webmap is fully complete as it is possible that not all power station developments are reported in the media. This is probably most likely when a proposed power plant extension is actually commissioned. Fields have been left blank where particular details have not been reported (such as the number of units and the size of each unit). Blank fields may display as zeros.
Contact Information
Contact Organisation Geoscience Australia
Contact Position Senior Commodity Specialist
Mail Address GPO Box 378, Canberra, A.C.T.
Locality Cnr Hindmarsh Drive and Jerrabomberra Ave, Symonston
State A.C.T.
Country Australia
Postcode 2601
Telephone (02) 6249 9550
Facsimile (02) 6249 9917
Electronic Mail Address Ron.Sait@ga.gov.au
Metadata Date 14 August 2006
Additional Metadata
Projection GDA 94