Technical Information for Ordering Satellite Imagery

Technical Documents for Ordering Satellite Imagery

Satellite data product descriptions and formats.

Processing Levels for Ordering Satellite Imagery

Processing options for satellite imagery.

File Formats for Ordering Satellite Imagery

Geoscience Australia's satellite image products are produced in a range of file formats.

MODIS Online Pre-Processed Products (Less Than Seven Days Old)

Processed MODIS data is available free of charge from the Remote Sensing download site for acquisitions over the past seven days.

MODIS Online Nadir BRDF-Adjusted Reflectance (NBAR) Products

In simple terms, BRDF describes mathematically the changes in reflectance that we observe when an illuminated target is viewed from different angles.

Importing and Georeferencing MODIS Data

The Geoscience Australia MODIS online map oriented product now includes ER Mapper and ENVI headers with each band.

Importing and Georeferencing NOAA Data

Importing Geoscience Australia NOAA level 2 data..