Importing and Georeferencing NOAA Data

Importing Geoscience Australia NOAA level 2 data into IP software packages

ENVI - UNIX version 3.4

Step 1: Import NOAA data into ENVI

  1. From the Main Menu, select File/Open External File/Generic Formats/HDF
  2. Select file from Enter HDF Filenames drop down list
  3. Select bands from HDF Dataset Selection window (multiple bands may be selected), then OK
  4. From Available Bands list, select layer to be displayed and then click Load Band or Load RGB

Step 2: Georeference NOAA image

  1. From the Main Menu, select File/Edit ENVI Header
  2. From Edit Header Input File dialog, select a band and double click to display Header Info
  3. Click Edit Attributes button and Map Info
  4. Enter top left image corner information and set Image Coord x to 1.5, Image Coord Y to 1.5, Pixel size to 0.01 degrees, and Map Rotation to 0.0.
  5. Click Change Map Projection button and select Geographic Lat/Lon from the Projection drop down menu
  6. Select WGS84 from the Datums drop down menu, then OK.
  7. Select OK in Projection Selection Window.
  8. Enter the Upper left image coords in Map Information window using the Image Coordinate from the metadata file.
  9. Download importing and georeferencing Geoscience Australia NOAA Data into image processing systems.