Link to About Earth Observation and Satellite Imagery

About Earth Observation and Satellite Imagery

Learn about satellite imagery and why Geoscience Australia use it.

Link to Satellite Reception Areas

Satellite Reception Areas

A map showing the approximate area over which Geoscience Australia satellite imagery can be obtained from each ground station.

Link to About the Earth Observation Sector

About the Earth Observation Sector

These documents provide an insight into the recent past and the future of Earth Observations from Space in Australia. This is achieved through reviewing policy, strategy and economic impacts of the sector.

Link to Other Earth Observation Organisations

Other Earth Observation Organisations

Useful satellite imagery websites.

Link to Understanding Artificial Colour in Satellite Imagery

Image Processing Online

The sample online image processing system allows you to create simple RGB images covering the Murwillumbah area on the east coast of Australia. It uses Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) satellite data, and you can select different band combinations.

Link to Earth Observation Gallery


Satellite images of natural disasters and significant events around the world.