Government Procurement of Optical Geospatial Radar and Elevation Data

The Optical, Geospatial, Radar, and Elevation Supplies and Services Panel (OGRE) was established to allow more efficient and effective acquisition and use of commercial imagery supplies and geospatial data and services, and to encourage greater coordination and cooperation within all levels of Australian Government.

Link to About OGRE

About OGRE

Information on the establishment of the OGRE, its objectives and functions.

Link to OGRE Governance

OGRE Governance

An overview of the OGRE governance structure including information on the OGRE Steering and User Advisory committees.

Link to Accessing the OGRE

Accessing the OGRE

Information on eligibility criteria for government agencies wishing to use the OGRE to procure imagery/geospatial data and services.

Link to Ordering Supplies and Services

Ordering Supplies and Services

Examples of the range of commercial optical, geospatial, radar and elevation supplies and services government agencies can access through the OGRE.

Link to Data Distribution

Data Distribution

Information on the geographical coverage of data procured via the OGRE and how OGRE users can access stored data.

Link to OGRE Suppliers

OGRE Suppliers

Information about the suppliers of products and services to the OGRE and contact details for companies that wish to become OGRE suppliers.

Link to Quotation Tips

Quotation Tips

Information for suppliers about the OGRE Request for Quotation (RFQ) process.

Link to OGRE Licensing Conditions

OGRE Licensing Conditions

An explanation of the licensing and purchasing arrangements for the acquisition of supplies and services through the OGRE.

Link to OGRE Documents

OGRE Documents

Download the OGRE Annual Report and other OGRE-related documents.

Link to OGRE Updates

OGRE Updates

OGRE news and events.

Link to OGRE FAQs


Frequently asked questions about the OGRE.