OGRE Suppliers

New suppliers are joining OGRE and adding to the capability of the Panel all the time. The current list of OGRE suppliers is available on AusTender under the Standing Offer Notice SON355807.

Joining OGRE as a Supplier

Companies can apply to become OGRE suppliers at any time. Prospective suppliers must complete the documentation in the OGRE Supplier Information Pack and submit it to Geoscience Australia. Questions about the OGRE Supplier Information Pack and completed documentation can be directed to OGRE@ga.gov.au.

OGRE Supplier Information Pack

The OGRE Supplier Information Pack includes the following documents that must be reviewed and completed before an empanelment application can be processed:

  • Conditions of Response
  • DRAFT Deed
  • Deed Obligations Information
  • Metadata Requirement
  • Overseas Respondent's Information
  • Quality Assurance Information
  • Respondent's Corporate Details
  • Respondent's Declaration
  • Respondent's Experience Response
  • Respondent's Insurance Details
  • Respondent's Referees
  • Technical Information

Empanelment Application Process

Once the completed documentation has been submitted it will be considered by Geoscience Australia.

Providing the documentation has been completed and submitted correctly and Geoscience Australia has no concerns about a prospective supplier's suitability or ability to meet stated technical and delivery capabilities the company will be empanelled as an OGRE Supplier.

User Advisory Committee (UAC) Referral

In the event that Geoscience Australia has reservations about the empanelment of a prospective supplier the application will be referred to the OGRE User Advisory Committee (UAC) for review. The UAC will be asked to make a recommendation on the empanelment.

If the UAC recommends that the supplier be empanelled Geoscience Australia will review the Committee's recommendation and reconsider the supplier's application. If Geoscience Australia considers the UAC has addressed its concerns regarding the application then the supplier will be empanelled.

If the UAC does not recommend empanelment or has not fully addressed Geoscience Australia's concerns, Geoscience Australia will ask the company to respond to reservations about the application. Providing the supplier is able to adequately address Geoscience Australia's concerns it will be empanelled as an OGRE Supplier.