Ordering Supplies and Services

Australian Government agencies can purchase a range of commercial optical, geospatial, radar and elevation supplies and services through the OGRE.

Non-government organisations are not eligible to use the OGRE even when contracted by government for a project and should procure imagery/geospatial data through other channels.

Examples of supplies and services currently available through the OGRE are:

  • High resolution orthorectified imagery
  • Medium resolution national mosaic imagery
  • Colour balancing
  • Change detection
  • Road centre line dataset
  • Topographic data
  • Map interface development
  • Spatial metadata development
  • Persistent regional surveillance
  • Deformation studies
  • Oil slick detection services
  • High resolution elevation data
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
  • Contour generation
  • Flight path analysis
  • Geospatial consultancies

The supplies and services available through the OGRE will change as suppliers are added to the panel. For up-to-date information on the current range of supplies and services available contact OGRE@ga.gov.au.

Public Good Imagery

Geoscience Australia acquires and distributes a range of public good satellite imagery. Information on accessing the imagery and related services can be found on the National Earth Observation group homepage.

Elevation Data

A range of elevation data including LiDAR, RADAR and photogrammetry is available via the National Elevation Data Framework (NEDF) portal.

Using the NEDF portal, public users can access the one (1) second (DEM, DEM-H, DEM-S only), three (3) second and nine (9) second SRTM data. Additional datasets are restricted to registered Australian government users. Enquiries regarding the portal and the NEDF can be directed to elevation@ga.gov.au.