Our Capabilities

Mission statement

Geoscience Australia's National Earth Observation Group provides spatial information to the Australian Government and community to enable informed decisions on key issues such as the environment and community safety. We apply leading-edge processing and scientific analysis to extract and deliver information, contributing to the prosperity and sustainability of the Australian community.

We also operate ground stations, manage long-term archives of Earth observation data and distribute satellite data via the Internet.

Our capabilities

  • Provide Earth Observation advice, information and products to the Australian Government to assist in meeting Portfolio Budget Statements and Outcomes
  • provide decision support information and products to decision support users and emergency managers
  • through specific agreements, provide cooperation in ground station operation to international collaborators. Through this, manage overlapping interests of other Australian government agencies (e.g. BoM and CSIRO) to ensure consistent representation to the international community
  • provide technical expertise and advice to managers of satellite imagery data and archive users.
  • provide satellite imagery information and products online to customers and in bulk to our distribution partners.

Capabilities in action

Some examples of how we have delivered these capabilities include:

Case studies

  • Case studies of our work in the areas of; emergency management, environmental monitoring and aquatic remote sensing.