National CO2 Infrastructure Plan

In the 2011/12 Federal Budget, the Australian Government announced funding of a $60.9 million, four year National CO2 Infrastructure Plan (NCIP) to accelerate the identification and development of suitable long term CO2 storage sites, within reasonable distances of major energy and industrial emission sources. The NCIP funding follows on from funding announced earlier in 2011 from the Carbon Storage Taskforce through the National Carbon Mapping and Infrastructure Plan and previous funding recommended by the former National Low Emissions Coal Council.

Three offshore sedimentary basins: Browse Basin and Vlaming Sub-basin, offshore Western Australia; and Gippsland Basin, offshore Victoria and onshore basins in Western Australia and New South Wales have been identified for pre-competitive data acquisition and geological studies.

In addition, Geoscience Australia will build a web-based geographic information system that will inform planning of safe and secure transport, injection, and storage of CO2. This includes a stock take of existing pipelines, identification of corridors for future CO2 pipelines, and documentation of the different regulatory requirements for development of future CO2 infrastructure.

The NCIP complements work Geoscience Australia is undertaking under the National Low Emissions Coal Initiative.

The has more information on the NCIP.