About MapConnect

MapConnect allows you to download datasets from a standard web browser. You can also easily access spatial data, searchable by themes and formats.

MapConnect contains four different themes to supply data to users:

  • 250K - Topographic data for download
    The 250K theme is a convenient way to access the national Topographic 1:250 000 scale Geodata Series 3 data. You can view selected data on a map then download it in various formats.
  • 1 million scale GlobalMap - Topographic data for download
    The GlobalMap theme provides access to the national topographic 1 million scale data. You can view selected data on a map then download it in various formats.
  • 1 million scale and 2.5 million scale Geology - Geological data for download
    The Geology theme provides access to the national 1 million and 2.5 million scale geological map data. You can view selected data on a map then downloading it in various formats.
  • geoMAP - Create a quality PDF map
    The geoMAP theme allows you to select a project (a set of spatial data related by topic and scale) and download a high quality PDF map. There are several topological and geological projects available for download.

Data download

The Order Extract functionality within MapConnect allows you to select an extent from the Australian national dataset and choose individual layers to extract. There are several spatial data formats to choose from, the maximum size of extract per order for more detailed datasets is as follows.

  • Approximately 9 x 250K map tiles or 15 square degrees of area for 1:250K Topographic data.
  • Approximately 250 square degrees of area (~ the size of Western Australia) for 1:1M Geology data.

The entire national datasets for GlobalMap 1:1M Topography and 1:2.5M Geology data are free to download. The entire 1:250K Topographic and 1:1M Geological datasets are too large for download and can be ordered on DVD from the Geoscience Australia Sales Centre (see related links in left-hand navigation of this page).


  • Map functions include Zoom In, Zoom Out, Full Extent, Pan, Previous extent, Drill Down Identify and Measure.
  • Layers tab with scale dependant rendering.
  • Legend showing the currently viewed map items.
  • Find functionality includes Zoom to State, Advanced Find, Find Map Tile and Zoom to Coordinate.
  • Index map to show the current map extent.
  • Scale box where user can enter desired viewing scale.
  • The cursor's coordinate location on the map is shown.
  • The website avoids anti-popup technology by using frames to overlay the map when showing information such as printing, help and OSDM registration.
  • Integrated help functionality for each information or function page. The help button will link directly to each page's help content.
  • Theme 250K - Mapsheet functionality allows the user to select individual tile sheets based on an index map. Several tile formats are available for download.
  • Theme geoMAP - Map projects can be selected from anywhere in Australia and download as a quality PDF map. Page size (A4 - A0) selection available.
  • These services are FREE, the "My Order" function stores and delivers the customers orders.
  • The 250K map is also supplied as a Web Map Service (WMS) to be consumed by any WMS client.