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Community Risk Reports - Southeast Queensland

Although serious bushfires have occurred in southeast Queensland during most months of the year, they are seldom as severe as the worst experienced in the southern states, such as the Ash Wednesday fires in 1983. That fire resulted in the death of 75 people in South Australia and Victoria. Despite a widely held belief to the contrary, bushfires in southeast Queensland have resulted in the death of people and the destruction of property, including urban property.


The weeks following the bushfire which struck parts of the national capital, Canberra, on 18 January 2003 provided Geoscience Australia with a unique opportunity to collect crucial data concerning building damage and fire behaviour. The data has provided information about the impact of the fire storm and will assist computer modelling of future events and their consequences.

The weeks following the 10 January 2005 bushfire on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula provided Geoscience Australia with an opportunity to collect information on the damage. This data will assist Geoscience Australia in modelling.

AusGeo News

There was unprecedented demand for information from Geoscience Australia's Sentinel bushfire hot-spot detection system during December 2006 and January 2007.

Emergency Management Australia asked Geoscience Australia to provide GIS mapping experts to work in conjunction with the Victorian Country Fire Authority and the State's Department of Sustainability and Environment.

Geoscience Australia's Sentinel bushfire monitoring system, through its Web Mapping Service and Web Feature Service will become a data node of Sentinel Asia.

After almost three years as a demonstrator project providing assistance to the fire management community, it was decided that Sentinel would be located at Geoscience Australia. After the devastating bushfires during December 2001 and January 2002, the Sentinel system was developed by CSIRO Land and Water along with the Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation in collaboration with Geoscience Australia.

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The N H (Doc) Fisher Geoscience Library at Geoscience Australia is the premier geoscience library in Australia. Established in 1946, the library, which is open to the public, has an extensive collection of earth sciences material.

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