Cyclone Capabilities

Geoscience Australia uses advanced modelling and analysis technqiues to simulate the impacts of natural disasters, working with the Australian Government to estimate the impacts on economy, environment, infrastructure and community.
Examples of these capabilities in action include:
  • The Tropical Cyclone Risk Model (TCRM) was used to assess the impacts of Tropical Cyclone Tracy on Darwin in 1974 and also to model the impact if the same event occurred in 2008. The TCRM provides emergency managers with spatial information on areas likely to suffer significant damage to support operational decision-making processes. The analysis of the two scenarios highlighted the benefits of improved building standards.
  • Post-disaster surveys were completed by Geoscience Australia to determine how vulnerable particular forms of construction, building ages and demographics were during Tropical Cyclone Larry. This information can inform building codes, validate impact modelling and also provides emergency managers with information to use in response planning.