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All search results are displayed in a list in the left panel, the list is sorted by distance from the search location and then age. Closer and newer studies will be at the top of the list. The total number of studies found is shown above the list of returned entries. The screenshot below shows the results from an Advanced Search for Burpengary, Queensland.

Search results are displayed in a table. The results can be sorted by clicking the column headings:

  • AFSID (Australian Flood Studies ID, a unique internal identifier for the study)
  • Name (the title of the study report)
  • Completion Year (the year the study was completed)
  • Commissioning Organisation (the 'study owner')

advanced search results screen

Click the 'Name' to display all the detail held for a record.

Each row includes a 'map marker'. Click the marker to highlight the study on the map.

orange map marker Orange markers mean the study record includes GIS data.

blue map marker Blue markers mean the study record does not include GIS data.

blue circle marker Blue circles represent other entries in the database, click to view more details.

yellow circle marker Yellow circles represent other entries in the database that include viewable maps, click to view more details.

Click 'Switch to Basic' to display a different view of the same search results.

refine search button button:

Displays the search form to enable a refined search to be undertaken with any search filters preserved.

feedback button button:

If you have some feedback, recommendations or queries regarding the Australian Flood Risk Information Portal, please fill in the User Feedback web form.

To assist you, a short list of categories to enable us to respond to you quicker is provided.

Type of Feedback:

  • Accuracy of displayed information
  • Problems with attachments
  • Currency of the study
  • Other

There is space to provide information that details the your query with a contact email address if you wish to be informed of the actions resulting from your feedback.

Please note general enquiries about the flood study itself regarding methods, results and interpretation should be directed to the commissioning organisation.

There will be a visual response on the screen.

feedback form visual response

Click on the x to close the visual response on the screen.

Elect to receive a response to your feedback and a response will be made in the earliest possible time.

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