Screenshot of the Analysis tab

Screenshot of the Analysis tab.

The Analysis tab captures information about three types of analysis often present in flood studies, namely: hydrological estimates, hydraulic modelling, and damage estimates. The Analysis tab can be the most time consuming to fill out and requires the closest reading of the study material to obtain the relevant information. This information can be found in section titled 'Modelling Methodology', 'Hydrological Modelling', and 'Hydraulic Modelling'. This information may be summarised in the 'Introduction' and the 'Executive Summary' of the study. The 'Table of Contents' may assist in locating these sections.

Data can be entered for hydrological estimates, hydraulic modelling and damage assessment analyses. Each analysis type can include several modelled events and are described as follows.

Events Modelled

Hydrological Estimates

Hydraulic Modelling

Damage Assessment