Screenshot of the Mapping tab

Screenshot of the Mapping tab.

The Mapping tab records information about two types of maps often present in flood studies and floodplain risk management plans: Flood Inundation Maps and Flood Hazard Maps. These maps can be found throughout the flood study report, and can sometimes form large appendices. Sometimes a flood study may be missing the relevant appendices, figures may form a separate document that you do not have, or the figures may just be missing from the report. In this case the 'List of Figures' typically following the reports 'Table of Contents' or review of the report can help ascertain how many figures were produced. These figures should be entered into the appropriate fields, and comment made that at the time of data entry the figures were not available so may not necessarily be attached to the study.

Details of the two mapping types are set out in the following pages:

Flood Inundation Mapping

Flood Hazard Mapping