Screenshot of the Mitigation tab

Screenshot of the Mitigation tab.

The Mitigation tab records information about mitigation strategies that have been recommended by, or undertaken in direct response to, the flood study. Flood studies may include comparisons of various mitigation options and recommendations. However, sometimes that analysis is dealt with in a separate report. When available that document should be attached to the flood study entry and used to complete the recommended strategies. For example, studies following the NSW State Government's flood policy have this information separated from the flood study into a Floodplain Risk Management Study (see ASFID 2842 as an example).

Only strategies that are unambiguously recommended in the document should be included. Sometimes it can be difficult to identify clear recommendations within the mitigation options discussed. In the absence of a section titled Recommendations, review the summary sections related to the mitigation options for sentences similar to "Of all the strategies discussed here the following are cost effective and should be implemented┬┐┬┐┬┐".

Details of the two mitigation sections are set out in the following pages:

Flood Study Recommendations

Post Flood Study Information