National Flood Risk Information Project

Following the devastating floods across Eastern Australia in 2011, the Australian Government initiated the Natural Disaster Insurance Review. This review highlighted the lack of consistency across the country in the way flood risk information was collected, and made available to users. The review also recognised the need for consumers to be aware of the natural disaster risks they may face, as well as the benefits of making flood risk information more readily accessible.

In response to these findings, the Australian Government established the National Flood Risk Information Project (NFRIP). NFRIP commenced in July 2012 and has been funded by the Australian Government for four years. The project aims to improve the quality, availability and accessibility of flood information across Australia, and raise community awareness of flood risks.

To this end, NFRIP is committed to delivering a number of significant outputs, including:

NFRIP has the potential to transform how future flood risk information is produced and distributed. Through the development of guidelines and standards NFRIP can improve the quality of new flood studies, and improved access to flood information will benefit many sectors.

Flood studies, models and maps are critical inputs to land use planning, and emergency management, as well the design of infrastructure such as buildings, roads and bridges. Flood information is also a fundamental requirement to ensure appropriate assessment of flood risk, and the subsequent pricing of flood insurance.

NFRIP through close collaboration with local, state and territory governments will improve the quality and consistency of flood risk information, and make it more accessible through the Australian Flood Risk Information Portal.

Geoscience Australia has the technical and implementation lead for NFRIP, and will host the portal. The Attorney-General's Department has the policy lead for both NFRIP and the broader National Flood Risk Information Program.

Project Timeline

NFRIP is being delivered across four phases. The current phase is focused on delivering enhancements to the database and populating the portal with flood mapping information. Find out about the NFRIP work program and key project deliverables.

National Flood Guidelines

The quality of future flood studies will rely heavily on the implementation of agreed standard and guidelines. Find guidelines supporting the development of new flood information.