National Flood Risk Information Project

National Flood Risk Information Project (NFRIP) aims to improve the quality, availability and accessibility of flood information across Australia, and raise community awareness of flood risks. The project will do this through the development of an online Australian Flood Risk Information Portal, the revision of the Australian Rainfall and Run-off guidelines; and the analysis of Geoscience Australia's archive of satellite imagery to better inform our understanding of past flood events.

Latest News
The National Flood Risk Information Project is currently undertaking a major technical development phase. We are transitioning the Australian Flood Studies Database to a new portal interface, and redesigning the underlying information architecture.

Over the past few months we have been working closely with two pilot participants 'Tasmania and Victoria' to trial web-services functionality and spatial data display options. We are currently beta testing these changes with a group of government users and data custodians.

On the completion of this stage, we will be making the portal more widely available. We expect this to be towards the end of the financial year.


Following the devastating floods across Eastern Australia the Australian Government initiated the Natural Disaster Insurance Review. Learn about the Australian Government's response to this review, and the establishment of the National Flood Risk Information Project.

NFRIP Activities

NFRIP is being delivered across four phases. The current phase is focused on delivering enhancements to the database and populating the portal with flood mapping information. Find out about the NFRIP work program and key project deliverables.

National Flood Guidelines

The quality of future flood studies will rely heavily on the implementation of agreed standard and guidelines. Find guidelines supporting the development of new flood information.