National Flood Risk Information Project

The National Flood Risk Information Project commenced in 2012 with the aim of improving the quality, availability and accessibility of flood information across Australia and, in doing so, raise community awareness of flood risks. The 2011 Natural Disaster Insurance Review highlighted that this information is critical for land use planning, emergency management and the design of infrastructure such as buildings, roads and bridges. It is also vital to fully assess flood risks and help inform pricing of flood insurance.

The project has three components:

Local, state and territory governments are playing a vital role in the delivery of NFRIP by providing input to the Australian Flood Risk Information Portal.

Contribute to the Australian Flood Risk Information Portal

The Australian Flood Risk Information Portal provides free access to authoritative flood studies.

It is particularly useful for engineers, insurers and planners to find out what flood mapping information exists, and where, so they can better understand risks.

Researchers and consultants can learn what work has been already occurred in their area of interest and to identify what data may be available for use in future studies.

Organisations can refine the scope of planned flood studies by understanding and applying lessons learnt from work undertaken in other regions.

The information in the portal has been provided by local, state and territories governments. Contributing more flood studies will significantly enhance its value. It will improve our understanding of flood behaviour on a regional scale, which is essential because floods do not respect jurisdictional boundaries.